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Hi everyone…my name is Angie.

I recently moved to San Antonio, Texas from Los Angeles, California.  I’m married to a tall handsome Mexican and mom to two fuzzy faced Havanese dogs named Oscar and Arnold.

After having a successful career and owning an accounting business, I gave it all away in April 2011 for hopeful dreams of starting over and working on things I was passionate about.  It was a scary decision but I decided life was too short to waste anymore years sitting in front of a computer 12 hours a day working on taxes and financial reports.  I haven’t regretted it.  (More can be read about that here)

Quitting my job was an especially terrifying step because my husband and I had just three months before carried out the most spontaneous and craziest thing we’ve ever done in our lives.  We cashed in our entire life savings to buy a vacation home in the Mexican Riveria.

It’s a long story.  The short version of the story is that after reading a book, we were inspired to not wait until we were 60 and retired to enjoy life.  Instead of waiting to travel when we were significantly older and maybe not in good physical health, we decided to travel and live life to it’s fullest now.  So quitting my job meant we were with living off one income (my husband’s) and with zero retirement or savings.  This probably sounds insane but I promise you it was the best thing that ever happened to us emotionally and financially.  I won’t inundate you with all that now but I’d love for you to read all about here if you are interested.

Since quitting my unfulfilling job, I started pursuing all my interests and attempting to earn a living off them.  The main things I was passionate about involved my lifestyle: our dogs, interior design, travel, food and coffee.

Quitting my job allowed me to dive deeper into the blogging and the interior design world with Carrie, building more on TwoFriendsTwoCities and also starting our new vintage store Lizzie + Luckett.  Lizzie + Luckett is still in it’s infancy form but we have huge plans for it in 2012.  Some things we are planning are expanding our offerings, working with other vendors, making our own online store in addition to our Etsy store and participating in some antique trade shows.

(That’s me on the far left and Carrie on the far right)

Two months after quitting my job, I started an online dog store.  If you have followed our blog for a while, you know our two Havenese dogs (Oscar & Arnold) are our children.

(Oscar on left, Arnold on right)

When Oscar and Arnold were first introduced into our lives, my husband and I had a hard time finding well-made, safe pet products.  I started Malibu Dog to offer other pet owners the best products we had found in our own pursuits and make them available for their pets.  Malibu Dog is slowly growing and has been quite an exciting education in creating an online business.

And now on top of all that…I’ll soon have a coffee and juice shop!

Owning a coffee shop has been a dream for my husband and I since 2006.  We are just beginning the process of starting the coffee shop and f you would like to read about our short but incredible journey with that, you can start here.

It probably seems really random that I am working in so many different areas:  Dog products, Interior Design, Blogging, Coffee + Juice….  But I was always immersed in these subjects before so might as well work in them.  They already consume my life, each in their very own ways.  Back in my accounting career days, I constantly read business strategy books.  I remember an excerpt from one of Donald Trump’s books that stuck with me.  Donald was commenting on the fact that he gets lots of criticism from working too hard and he basically stated that he loved what he did so he never thought of it as work.  That’s how I feel now.  I worked like a dog with my accounting career – long hours and days full of stress. Now, I am working and doing more than I ever did as an accountant but it doesn’t feel like work at all.  I am excited and loving all I do.

As for my history, I originally grew up in a tiny town that was known as the BBQ capital of Texas. I loved my little town and rural upbringing but life dramatically changed for me. Due to my husband’s and my prior accounting career, I have traveled significantly and lived in many places including Los Angeles

(Me with my best friend in Los Angeles, David Young)

and even…Mexico.

(Malinalco while living in Mexico)

(Oaxaca while living in Mexico)

(My husband and visiting Guanajuato while living in Mexico)

Because of that exposure I love and appreciate many different design styles including mid-century modern, Spanish, vintage, industrial and glam. My house is one big eclectic mesh of it all and it’s my idea of perfect.  When I’m not working, I spend any free time in bliss working on furniture and crafts and looking quite sexy with paint on my face and wood chips in my hair. I couldn’t be happier!

Blogging with my best friend Carrie is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done in my life.   We both cherish it and hope you enjoy reading.  You can read more about Carrie here and find our more about our blog, TwoFriendsTwoCities here.

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