Monday Favorites

16 Apr





window trim/window box

window box

martha stewart living. greens.

little things

Happy Monday!


Friday Favorites

13 Apr

Some of my favorite moments this week.

Glad the Easter Bunny is gone…picking up enough wrappers to send me postal:

Cannot believe they are actually growing.  Cilantro, sweet basil, lemon basil, and rosemary:

New measuring cups from my sweet friend:

Slight problem with school supplies…specifically colored pens:

and this love.  Cannot get enough of him…a gift like no other:

Are you on Instagram?  I’ve added my Instagram feed to our sidebar so follow along if you like!  I’d love to see what your snapping pictures of too!

Have an awesome weekend!


Good Deed A Day

12 Apr

I sent a text to my friend asking “how can we teach our children to be content in this world????”

It’s hard.  We live in a world with 9 year olds getting their own iphone’s, Kindle’s, and MacBook Pro.  We live in a world of constant instant gratification, not waiting for anything, and moving on to the next big thing.

I’m tired of it honestly.

And all my friends probably think I should be sent to the crazy house for wanting a simple life, free from all these crazy expectations and material things.

My symphony.

A Good Deed A Day.  Being Thankful.  Being Content.


This book as not been released yet from Amazon but you can pre order it now.

Do you feel like you a fighting a losing battle with all the worldly influences around you and your children?

What’s for Snack Wednesday :: Savory Crackers

11 Apr

When Angie and I were in Round Top, we noticed several groups of women walking around snacking on crackers.  Angie said she thought she knew what they were…some type of cracker with red pepper flakes and seasonings.

We have a big Easter block party and bring lots of fun snacks to share.  I googled “saltines with red pepper flakes” and this recipe popped up:

1 box multi grain crackers

1 cup light oil

1 packed Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing mix

1 t garlic powder

1 t red pepper flakes


Mix the seasonings and oil:

Toss in the crackers and toss…toss…toss.

Let the crackers and oil mixture sit for several hours to soak up.  And toss crackers occasionally too.

I made these the day before and 3/4 of the crackers were gone before the party.  That’s how yummy they are!



The New Round Top Phone App – Shopping for antiques is now mobile!

10 Apr

I was so excited yesterday to share what I learned watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Forks Over Knives, I completely forgot to share my Round Top purchases with you.  I didn’t buy anything for personal use…only things we can use for our new coffee shop.  So these things probably don’t seem that exciting but they are to me because they are much needed in our soon to be coffee shop – Revolucion Coffee + Juice! Woot!

Bought this light fixture to hang above our large community table.  It is made from an antique holder used on a pot strainer.

These metal arrows will be used to hang above two counter areas…one will stay “Order Here” and the other will say “Pick Up Here”.

Antique women and men’s bathroom signs.  Still not 100% sure about using these but they only cost $5 each so I picked them up just in case.

My final purchase was this large metal antique letter “J”.  I thought it was very unusual since it was two toned blue and metal.  It will be perfect to use on the wall to spell out the word Juice.

I also already own a large C (I bought in October’s Round Top) that can be used to spell out the word Coffee.  I am probably going to spell both words out with different lettering – somewhat like Jack Pierson has done on the two pictures below.

That will look bright and lively on the wall don’t ya’ think?  I don’t have the “offee” or the “uice” letters required to finish spelling out the rest of the words.  I’ll probably make them because buying more large antique letters was too expensive.

While Carrie and I were grubbing down on pimento cheese and chicken salad sandwhiches, we shared a table and conversation with two very interesting people. One was David Athey who owns the Round Top Inn and the other was  Gretchen Von Rochow who co-wrote the book The Round Top Experience.

Gretchen is not only an author but creator of the phone App Round Top which allows shoppers to search for items they want to buy in Round Top.

Shopping in Round Top and surrounding areas is very difficult because it is literally fields and fields (and miles and miles) of booths.  It involves walking in the hot sun and dirt and basically just hunting and searching for items you want to buy.  This phone App helps shoppers find what they want to buy and provides maps and other instructions on how to get to that particular vendor’s booth. BRILLIANT!  And it’s FREE!

The phone App can also be used for:

  • Finding a place to stay, dine or shop.
  • Accessing map, photos and videos.
  • Learning how to shop the show.
  • See what’s happening year round.

It was completely random Carrie and I ran into David and Gretchen and got to spend lunch together.  David and Gretchen probably think Carrie and I are a little quiet but we were just so tired from shopping in the hot sun all day!!  Also we were in complete awe hearing all they had to say.

I can’t wait to read The Round Top Experience.  And I really can’t wait to use the Round Top App next year to shop for antiques.  Can you believe Gretchen actually created a phone app?  She’s genius.  To learn more, check out her website here.

And…I know where Carrie and I are staying next year at Round Top.  The Round Top Inn!  It’s a gorgeous inn that offers morning yoga and a happy hour during Round Top festivities!

Round Top Inn:  Built in the 1800s, the Round Top Inn is a local icon and historic landmark, located within the Golden Triangle of Houston, Austin and San Antonio, Texas. The inn pairs modern amenities with rustic charm, offering guests a luxurious stay in peaceful, picturesque surroundings. Seven beautifully restored guest rooms and cottages are nestled among majestic oak trees and manicured grounds—an ideal setting for those seeking a relaxing country getaway.  To book your stay or obtain more information click here.

Best wishes to David and Gretchen.  Hope we run into them again next year :)

- Angie

Monday Inspiration :: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

9 Apr

Over the last year, I’ve become very conscious of what’s in the food we eat.  It’s been eye opening learning there are harmful chemicals and preservatives in the “healthy” food I thought I was serving my family.  Nothing including whole grain bread and fruit juices are safe.

I now check food ingredient labels and have learned that most things packaged in a box or plastic wrap are not healthy no matter what might be labeled on the front cover.  Let’s take blueberries for example.  Watching the blueberry video by Natural Foods TV and learning that most things that are supposed to contained blueberries really don’t, was one of the most riveting things I learned.  Carry talked about the blueberry problem before but if you haven’t seen the video yet, you can check it out here. The video basically shows that healthy foods toting blueberries as the main ingredients on the front of the package really contain no blueberries but instead…sugars, oils and artificial colors derived from petrochemicals.  Not a single blueberry! After watching this video, I was completely disgusted with what our government and corporate America allows in our food. It’s disgusting and should be illegal.

My husband and I have changed our diets by cutting out packaged foods and mainly eating wholesome foods like milk and dairy, lean meat ,whole grains and vegetables.  We limit our red meat intake…we grill fish, eat low fat dairy and eat as many vegetables and fruits as possible.

However, our health education took an unexpected turn this weekend when we watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. The movie shows that foods we thought were healthy like milk and dairy and meat products really are harmful.

Extremely harmful as in causing cancer, heart and other terminal health problems.  It is so discouraging because we really were trying to have a healthy diet but almost 50% of what we were eating was terminally dangerous!  It’s hard to explain all the reasons as to why meats and animal products (dairy) are bad for you.  There are a million and I won’t do it justice.  The movie is a must see.  I don’t like to push my opinions on people but in this case I really wanted to share information about this documentary because the information is so sensitive.  The movie really is a MUST see and will really change your life…mostly in the fact that it will probably add years to your life span if you follow what they teach.

Even if you don’t agree with going vegan, the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is so inspirational in regards to fighting obstacles, losing weight and becoming healthy.  The movie follows several people that overcome weight and health issues but there is one man name Phil in the movie that unforgettable.  Just thinking of Phil right now fills me with motivation.  I won’t ruin the movie for you but just a small snippet is that Phil is well over 400 pounds, depressed and probably about to die based on his health situation. Phil turns it all around in one of the most amazing transformations probably ever seen!

In one way I am glad I saw the film because most of the damage caused my my prior diet of meat and dairy is reservable.  But on the other hand it really pisses me off that all my life I’ve followed food charts and advice I learned in school and from the government that dictated eating meat and dairy!  Will they ever get it right?

As far as the future, I don’t know what it holds for my family and I.  We want to go vegan and have been feeling great on an all vegan diet the last few days.  Maybe we will always be vegan after this or maybe just eat vegan 80-90% of the time.  No matter what we do, I know we will always be more plant strong and will never eat meat and dairy in the same quantities as before. That’s for sure.

After seeing Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead we followed it up by watching Forks Over Knives this weekend which is another documentary with the same philosophy regarding animal meat and byproducts.  It is more educational and takes the information a little deeper.

If you are also interested in more information, you can go to the Reboot Your Life website which is from creator (Joe Cross) of the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead movie.  It has lots of educational material, diet instructions and recipes.



What Easter Egg??

9 Apr

Don’t look at me.  I didn’t do it.

Happy Easter friends!  We hope your day was filled with many blessings.


Carrie and Angie

Happy Friday :: Round Top Recap Part II

6 Apr

What makes me happy today?  All the things Carrie and I bought and witnessed at Round Top this week!

I am  a little embarrassed to publish this post because my pictures are not as pretty the ones Carrie posted yesterday.  Carrie took great pictures and even used a cool photo app.  Carrie is straight up awesome! Um…well…I didn’t carry my weight as a co-blogger at Round Top. I was quite lazy and maybe a little too excited to be at Round Top to focus straight.  Sorry about that! Maybe you’ll forgive me because the things I am about to show you are way cool (even despite the bad photography.)    :)

Here’s are all the amazing junk I think you’ll love to see!  So many fantastic ideas and lots of inspiration.

So here ya go…enjoy!

How lovely is that turquoise clock?  And what about the color combination with the bright couch and cushions?


More crazy bright color…look at this chair. Orange has always been one of my favorite colors and it’s really bold and nice here mixed with the dark upholstery.

I believe Carrie said these chairs were being replicated now by Pottery Barn. I forgot what style the vendor said they were called.  These chairs are actually replicas also and made to look old.  A couple of vendors at Round Top do replicas of just about everything and make it look like antiques.  Although I love the style and they look amazing…think I’d prefer to actually have originals.

Necklaces made from cut up license plates.

I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time to use as a jewelry case.  What they did here was creative..basically they used an old window frame and then built a base and stand for it.  I thought long and hard about buying this but I have no where it will fit in my house. And my mom has a ton of old windows so if I ever do find a place, I think I’ll try to make something similar myself.

Flattened and stamped silverware.  I’ve been wanting to learn how to do this.  I saw a tutorial on another blog and it looks pretty easy. Maybe one day! :)

Painted croquet balls?  Just decoration?  Pretty whatever they are!

The picture doesn’t justify but this chair was gorgeous with beautiful green upholstery with grey accents.

Antique corrugated metal used as a cabinet base.

Carrie had a great idea for this old industrial antique – use as a coffee cup holder.

I really wanted to buy one of these old oil lights…

Old pot strainer holder made into a light fixture.

Lots of pretty glass items.


These are old antique metal tiles that would be beautiful used as ceiling tiles.  Some were even painted and even more lovely.

This is a table with a steel top.  I’d love to know where or how it can be done because I have a wood table that would be perfect topped in steel like this. It would give my table a nice industrial look and be very durable.  There is no way a steel top like this could get messed up with crafts, cooking or any other type of heavy messy work.

Another one of my favorite things in the world…typography!!!  These were especially nice because they were giant numbers.

An interesting military style case.

These are lamp shades made with a burlap type material.  They probably produce nice ambient light.

Handbags made from coffee bags.

This was a long industrial table with iron cylinders on the top.

Quite a bit going on in this picture but if you look at the top, you’ll see an old fan made into a light.

Old pieces of metal cut into arrows.

An industrial material converted into a planter.

I had no where to put these giant antique fuel pumps (nor the money to afford them) but I loved them!

Lots of good ideas right?  Want to know what I bought?  Stay tuned Monday! :)


Round Top Recap :: Spring 2012

5 Apr

I woke Monday with a text from Angie saying “good morning sunshine! see you soon!”  Both of us were so excited to get to Round Top!

Then it started raining at my house, the power went out as I was getting my daughter ready for school and I thought “oh no! please do not rain today!” Out the door in pouring rain, stopped at Bucee’s for a decaf coffee (my first in weeks, and my last for a while!) and drove north.  The rain finally cleared about halfway to the Hill Country.  Listening to 80s on XM…Hall & Oates, Prince, and the Go-Go’s kept me company along the 2 lane backroads to Round Top.  Lots of day dreaming about my future country home.  :)

We actually go to Warrenton, outside of Round Top.  Cheaper prices, much more laid back, and great people to deal with.

Angie and I pulled into our grassy parking lot within minutes of each other around 10am.

First stop:

Chorizo, bean, and cheese on homemade tortillas.  And a salty margarita.  Yes, at 10am.  It was awesome.

Here are some various things we found throughout the day.  Some quirky, some vintage, some I totally wanted to take home with me.

Pool table balls made into wine corks…


Huge gunmetal trunks…

Both of us were drawn to these posters set in old window panes.  I really wish I had bought one.

This piece was stunning.  Picture totally does not do it justice.

Every time I go to Round Top, I come home with less and less.  My first trip I came home with the motherload.  Now, I take my time, think about things, and sometimes come back later…if I can find the place again.

This trip, I came back with:

One older.  One newer.  Both out of circulation.  Love the colors mixed with my $0.19 mercury glass votive.

These signs came from old railroads throughout the United States.  We found this precious older gentleman who told us stories about all of the pieces around us.  He thought Angie and I were sisters…awesome.

I told Angie not to think I was crazy…but I had a vision of a sign with the number “40″ on it.  I saw it across the field and we beelined it over there.  The faded out “Do Not Enter” is going in my son’s room.  I noticed it when we bought our first pieces and it was still there when we came back to load up our finds.  I bought it for $10.  And right after I bought it, another woman came up asking how much.  The sweet man told her “sorry, the sisters just bought it!”  I hope he is at Round Top again.  Loved him.  And the “40″ already has a home on top of my armoire in the dining room.  If I ever get that thing repainted, I’ll show you how awesome it looks up there.

Then I found this:

I love the history behind this crate.  It says WILLOW SPRINGS on the ends.  Willow Springs is a small town in the Hill Country and most likely came from an old bottling plant years ago.  The gentleman I bought it from said the plant closed many years ago and he found it on the side of the road.  I rescued her…she is safe and sound now.

This was a last minute, pull up and park on the way outta of town, kind of purchase.  I loved it for my front garden and really wish I bought more.

But this vendor was a complete JERK.  If I didn’t have my heart set on it, I would have left it in the dirt.  Angie has a story about a jerk vendor too.  There always has to be one, ya know.

We had a great time.  I loved every minute of it.  It was a fast day, lots of driving, lots of walking, lots of eating.  We shared fresh bread sandwiches…one with homemade chicken salad and one with homemade pimento cheese.  If you’ve never had homemade pimento cheese, you are missing out.  I don’t think either of us took a picture of the sandwiches either…that tells you how fast we were eating.

We didn’t spend alot of money either which was nice.  And my garage is running out of room. HA!

Enjoy your day!



What’s for Dinner Wednesday :: Caprese Salad with Homemade Dipping Oil

4 Apr

This is a simple dish that’s light and refreshing.  It’s a great summer dish or light side dish when you have a heavy meal planned. It simply consists of tomatoes, mozzarella (you can see how to make Dave’s homemade mozzarella here), basil and dipping oil.

The dipping oil is drizzled on can be made with whatever herbs and seasonings are currently in your pantry and fridge.  Dill, Italian seasoning blends, a little balsamic, etc…

Dave makes his homemade dipping sauce with olive oil, basil, pine nuts and garlic.  There’s no science to it.  Just fill a bottle with olive oil and load in some herbs and seasonings.  It’s a sure thing and you can’t go wrong!

Let the olive oil and herbs sit a few days so the flavors infuse and the basil gets soft.  Make sure to keep the bottle closed so that dust and other particles don’t get inside.  The dipping oil is versatile and can be used for other things as well like cooking and dipping bread!  I use mine to scramble egg whites in the morning.  It adds flavor as opposed to plain olive oil and is a healthier alternative to butter or other oils.

Layer the tomatoes, basil and mozzarella and drizzle on some dipping oil allowing the herbs to flow out with the oil.

That’s it! Simple huh?

Round Top Antique Fair was a BLAST!  Carrie and I had so much fun and we got some great deals!!  I think we are becoming bargaining pros!

However all that walking in the dusty roads and sun…and driving 2.5 hours in the morning and again in the evening really wore me out.  I’m not gonna lie – I completely slept in later than normal and was dragging behind all day yesterday.  I think I am still dragging behind today.  We’ll have pictures up soon so you can see all the things we saw and experience in Round Top / Warrenton – I promise! :)


Monday Inspiration

2 Apr

Angie’s Inspiration:

I’ve been running and trying to work out more. I really want to get in shape and feel good.  Whenever I eat well and work out routinely I have so much energy and feel positive and happy.  Knowing this, I don’t know how I somehow get out of my healthy routines… but I do.

I’m trying to stick with a healthy work out and eating program and these two pictures really put some motivational force behind my attempts.

The first is this recent picture of Madonna.  Are you kidding me?!?

Look at her!  Just LOOK at her. She is 54 years old!

That’s 14 years older than me and she looks a whole hell of a lot better than me right now.  There’s probably lots of make up and photography airbrushing tricks going on here  but still even if that weren’t the case, it’s obvious Madonna is taking care of herself and never falls off a healthy program.  Her body is in stellar shape and she looks healthy, sexy and strong.

The second is the motivational phase I saw a friend post on Facebook.  It’s so true!  Keeping this in mind when I feel too lazy to go work out.



Angie and I are both on the same page these days.  I’ve really haven’t talked much about my running plan to many people, only out of fear of failing.  Angie was kind of shocked the other day to find out I was up to 5 miles 3 times a week.  :)

My neighbor knew I had been a runner prior to my son being born in 2008.  I love it when people say ‘you used to be a runner Carrie!’  Makes me laugh and cringe at the same time.  She texted me about running with her in the mornings before our husbands left for work.

I was totally game.  One:  because I won’t run in the mornings by myself.  Two:  accountability

So, in the email, my other neighbor suggested the Couch to 5k plan.  Perfect!  There’s an app for our phones, sounds great!  Then I found the Ease to 10k plan.  10k, 6 miles, 12 weeks.  Definitely a goal.  So I suggested the 10k plan, 3 times a week.  And we started the next day.

We are on week 9 and it has been the best program for me mentally and physically.

However, I am really not seeing a change in my body the way I did in the past.  And that’s frustrating.

My other dear friend and I like to crack jokes about eating a bowl of ranch dip with chips and bowls of cereal…for no reason.  But in all honesty, somedays that is true.  When those kiddos get home from school, we are making snacks for them and it is so easy to start stuffing our faces with crap.

Example A:

Can Eating Certain Foods Help You to Lose Weight


She is a runner and we both agree, our current plan is not working.

Now we’ve started logging our food intake with  It’s an app and a desktop application.  You can even scan the barcode on the food you are eating and it gives you the exact calories per serving.  It is definitely making me more aware of what I am eating throughout the day.

But I’m not gonna lie…it sucks tracking food.  It sucks seeing my calorie limit for the day and reaching it by 11am.  It sucks not seeing results after running for 9 weeks.

I told myself over the weekend…

It took 3 years to put this weight on.  It will take longer than 9 weeks to get it off.

An exercise routine you can do at the office

And a little bit of humor for those who have seen The Hunger Games.

7 Tips for Fitness Women

And because we all think we look a certain way while working out.  In reality, I probably look like this:

this is why i dont jog!!!


I’ll be laughing about this all week!!

And, Angie and I are meeting in Round Top this morning!  So excited to see her and shop!  And I probably will have a margarita and taco.  We’ll be doing alot of walking…

Happy Monday!



Friday Excitement!! Round Top & Trader Joes in Texas!

30 Mar

This upcoming weekend will be joyous for Carrie and I…it’s not only the weekend but it’s also prelude to the fun time we will be having on Monday!

Monday we are heading to Round Top (Otherwise known as Heaven on Earth for Antique & Craft Lovers)!!!

Round Top is a huge antique festival in Texas – probably the biggest.  It occurs twice a year.  Carrie’s been many times but last year was my first experience in Round Top and I’ve been anxiously waiting to return.  Due to our schedules Carrie and I won’t be able to spend a lot of time in Round Top.  We are only able to drive to Round Top, shop for a while and then each drive back home the same day… but it will be just enough and we will savor every minute there.

Monday morning after Carrie takes her children to school, she’ll be heading to Round Top.  And I’m sure she’ll be grabbing her favorite Busee’s coffee before heading on the long road trip!  I will leave earlier than Carrie because I live further away in San Antonio.  By 9:30am we should be deep in the heart of antique shopping in Round Top.  Neither of us really need anything which makes shopping there this time really fun.  I hate it when I have things I really need to find and can’t find them.  So it’s just going to be browsing and relaxing and taking in all the inspiration!

Carrie and I also  heard some exciting news.  Trader Joe’s is coming to BOTH of us – two locations will open in Houston where Carrie lives and one will be opening up in San Antonio where I live.  OMGEEEE!!!  I love Trader Joes!  They have lots of ethnic and organic brands I can’t find here in Texas.  I fell in love with Trader Joes when we lived in Los Angeles and can’t wait to indulge in their goodies again!  Hopefully it opens up soon… and close to my house!

Round Top and Trader’s Joes!!??  Happy times!!

We hope you have a good weekend and we’ll be back blogging like crazy next week with updates on all our of Round Top discoveries. :)


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