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4 Days From Today – Reunion and BFFL Party in Dallas!!

12 Sep

4 Days From Today – Reunion and BFFL Party in Dallas!!

Now that I moved to Texas – spending time with my BFFL’s (Best Friends For Life!) Carrie and Cory will be much more frequent.  You probably remember our friend Cory, who has contributed to TwoFriendsTwoCities, providing her amazing beauty advice.

(at Hotel ZaZa April 2010.  Carrie left, Cory right)

All three of us used to live in Austin at one time.  Over time we each migrated to different areas.  Carrie moved to Houston, I moved to Mexico City, Mexico and then later Los Angeles, California and Cory moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

2011 brought lots of major life changes and Texas was once again home for all of us. About six months ago Cory moved from Albuquerque to Dallas. One month ago, I moved from Los Angeles to San Antonio.  And Carrie still lives in Houston, as we like to lovingly refer to as H-Town.  Texans together again!

We were always Texans at heart but now we all physically reside once again in the Lone Star State.  Carrie and I live 3 hours apart and we both live about 5 hours from Cory.  3 to 5 hours seems far but is a lot closer than the 20 plus hours it used to be.

This weekend we are uniting to Dallas to have a belated birthday party for Carrie! This birthday celebration and girls’ weekend is so exciting because it is the first time we have all been together in almost a year and half.  The last time we were all together was at Hotel Zaza in Houston, Texas celebrating Cory’s birthday in April 2010.

(From left to right: Angie, Cory and Carrie)

Hotel ZaZa is also where our blog, TwoFriendsTwoCities, was born!


This weekend is going to be so exciting we can’t wait.  3 great friends with lots of history.

Reuniting and it feels so good!

Why I quit my job…and a little about me

12 Jul

Why I quit my job…and a little about me

Last month Carrie and I started a new Category called LIFE.  We restructured our old posts and moved everything related to our lives in the LIFE category.  When I looked at the prior blog posts that were moved to LIFE…it was a big shock!  Carrie had been very open about sharing her life but I hardly ever spoke about myself and let others in.  So I’d like to share a little more about myself so you can know me better.

Very soon, Carrie and I will be making more changes to our blog.  One of those changes will include adding About Me pages for each of us…so if you keep reading below you will not only learn more about my life but also get a sneak peak at my future About Me page.  :)

Who is Angie?

Well that has changed recently. I used to be very ambitious and a workaholic.  I started my first company and bought my first house all before I was 30.  All on my own.

I used to take such pride in that.  I don’t so much now.  Over the years the long work hours and stress have taken their toll.  I’ve realized a little late that making money is important but doing something you enjoy and spending time with family and friends is even more important.

I can’t tell you the times I’ve missed important holidays or events because of my demanding work schedule.

Three years ago, I started questioning whether sitting behind a computer 12 hours a day and staring at financial reports was what life was really all about?  I finally took the plunge in April 2011 saying goodbye to Corporate America — and quit my job.

It was a big leap of faith but I knew there had to be something better for me out there.  I’d rather make less money, enjoy life AND do something I LOVE.  I started working straight out of high school and even worked while putting myself through college.  I haven’t been unemployed in almost 20 years – it should feel scary but it feels so liberating!

I want earn a living doing something creative and imaginative like writing, making art, restoring antiques and making furniture.  Even renovate our home.  I have no idea how I’ll make money at it but I’m not nervous.   I’m very excited about what the future may hold. I’m sure there will ups and downs but I finally have freedom!

Beside my questionable midlife crisis, what else is there to know about me?  The main thing is I love to travel.

I read this quote from Cher once about being poor.  “Going hungry never bothered me – it was having no clothes”.  That is how I feel about traveling.  I would give up my last dollar to travel above all else.

From a young child, I have wanted to see the world and so far I have done a pretty good job of it.  I even had the opportunity of living in Mexico with my husband and it was the most exhilarating time of my life.

New experiences, different cultures.  I hope to one day do something like that all over again.

My husband and I are newly weds and how I met him is a quite an interesting story.

The short version is that for 10 years our very best friends all knew each other but he and I never met or even heard of each other.  Then one day, we all happened to all collide one evening by accident.

It was kismet we actually finally met.

Later we analyzed historical events like our mutual friend’s weddings and it turned out, I had missed the events he attended and he missed the one’s I attended.  It is rather perplexing how things orchestrated and we always missed meeting each other.  Maybe there was a reason for us not discovering each other earlier.  Timing is always everything.

Sometimes I feel like the only woman in the world that ever felt this way…but I actually never had a burning desire to get married.  I loved being single and had such a happy fulfilled life.  They always say you find that perfect someone “when you aren’t looking”.  That is exactly what happened to me. I wasn’t looking and then along he came.

From there on out we did everything backwards.  It seemed perfect to us but to everyone else it was not only backwards but… strange.

So here is how it played out.  Met and fell in love.  Moved to Mexico.

Lived together.  (“Lived in sin” as my mother-in-law likes to refer to that period).  Moved and lived several other places together including Texas and California.  Eloped and got married two years ago.

They say you live and learn and boy I have.  I wish I’d married years ago!   I love being married.  Perhaps I had a lot of growing up to do before?   I am so glad I finally opened myself up to the idea of marriage.

What else about me? My husband and I are from Austin, Texas but have lived in Los Angeles the last couple years and have two dogs (Havanese), Oscar and Arnold, who are the loves of our life.

We love our little furry children and can’t imagine life without them.  I know I’m a biased little momma but I cant help thinking they are the cutest, smartest and sweetest dogs on the planet.

I hope you will enjoy sharing my journey and the start of my new life.  I am very fortunate to write for TwoFriendsTwoCities with my amazing partner and friend… Carrie.   Carrie and I started TwoFriendsTwoCities in August 2010 and it has been such a rewarding experience sharing ideas, projects and our lives…and along the way meeting so many amazing people.

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