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The New Round Top Phone App – Shopping for antiques is now mobile!

10 Apr

I was so excited yesterday to share what I learned watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Forks Over Knives, I completely forgot to share my Round Top purchases with you.  I didn’t buy anything for personal use…only things we can use for our new coffee shop.  So these things probably don’t seem that exciting but they are to me because they are much needed in our soon to be coffee shop – Revolucion Coffee + Juice! Woot!

Bought this light fixture to hang above our large community table.  It is made from an antique holder used on a pot strainer.

These metal arrows will be used to hang above two counter areas…one will stay “Order Here” and the other will say “Pick Up Here”.

Antique women and men’s bathroom signs.  Still not 100% sure about using these but they only cost $5 each so I picked them up just in case.

My final purchase was this large metal antique letter “J”.  I thought it was very unusual since it was two toned blue and metal.  It will be perfect to use on the wall to spell out the word Juice.

I also already own a large C (I bought in October’s Round Top) that can be used to spell out the word Coffee.  I am probably going to spell both words out with different lettering – somewhat like Jack Pierson has done on the two pictures below.

That will look bright and lively on the wall don’t ya’ think?  I don’t have the “offee” or the “uice” letters required to finish spelling out the rest of the words.  I’ll probably make them because buying more large antique letters was too expensive.

While Carrie and I were grubbing down on pimento cheese and chicken salad sandwhiches, we shared a table and conversation with two very interesting people. One was David Athey who owns the Round Top Inn and the other was  Gretchen Von Rochow who co-wrote the book The Round Top Experience.

Gretchen is not only an author but creator of the phone App Round Top which allows shoppers to search for items they want to buy in Round Top.

Shopping in Round Top and surrounding areas is very difficult because it is literally fields and fields (and miles and miles) of booths.  It involves walking in the hot sun and dirt and basically just hunting and searching for items you want to buy.  This phone App helps shoppers find what they want to buy and provides maps and other instructions on how to get to that particular vendor’s booth. BRILLIANT!  And it’s FREE!

The phone App can also be used for:

  • Finding a place to stay, dine or shop.
  • Accessing map, photos and videos.
  • Learning how to shop the show.
  • See what’s happening year round.

It was completely random Carrie and I ran into David and Gretchen and got to spend lunch together.  David and Gretchen probably think Carrie and I are a little quiet but we were just so tired from shopping in the hot sun all day!!  Also we were in complete awe hearing all they had to say.

I can’t wait to read The Round Top Experience.  And I really can’t wait to use the Round Top App next year to shop for antiques.  Can you believe Gretchen actually created a phone app?  She’s genius.  To learn more, check out her website here.

And…I know where Carrie and I are staying next year at Round Top.  The Round Top Inn!  It’s a gorgeous inn that offers morning yoga and a happy hour during Round Top festivities!

Round Top Inn:  Built in the 1800s, the Round Top Inn is a local icon and historic landmark, located within the Golden Triangle of Houston, Austin and San Antonio, Texas. The inn pairs modern amenities with rustic charm, offering guests a luxurious stay in peaceful, picturesque surroundings. Seven beautifully restored guest rooms and cottages are nestled among majestic oak trees and manicured grounds—an ideal setting for those seeking a relaxing country getaway.  To book your stay or obtain more information click here.

Best wishes to David and Gretchen.  Hope we run into them again next year :)

- Angie

wheelin and dealin in Round Top

4 Oct

It was my first visit but I’m a fast learner.  And it’s your lucky day because I’m going to share secrets and tips. Antique hunting in Round Top (and Warrenton), Texas can be a rough sport.  In order to be a fierce competitor, it’s important to follow these four rules:

Rule #1 – Start out with a margarita at 10am.  Hey, don’t judge…it should be seriously considered since it’s over 90 degrees in Texas heat.  It’s important to stay hydrated isn’t it?  And a little liquor might help gain more courage for Rule #2.

Rule #2 – Always offer less.  The worst that can happen is that the seller can say no.  What’s more important, pride or a fat wallet?  Pride is really overrated.

Rule #3 – Be ready to sweat and get dirty.  There is no way around this. The pathways are dirt.  And there’s some intense heat and not many of the booths are not covered with tents. However, after seeing all the amazing sights like these you just won’t care about the heat.

It’s exciting.  And fun.  It was so exhilarating at times our hearts were racing!

Rule #4 – which is the MOST important rule: If you see something you really want, grab it immediately.  If not, some other lucky hunter is going to get it. If it’s a MUST HAVE, you can’t chance it.  Especially in Round Top where there are seas and seas of competing shoppers.  You might hear friends say things like “Oh let’s keep looking and we’ll come back”.  Don’t listen because it will never happen. If it’s not already sold, you will never be able to find that booth again.

If someone stayed at Round Top and the neighboring antique markets for a week, they may never be able to see it all.  It’s miles and miles of antiques. Carrie and I loved it all and can’t wait to go back in April!  (And the weather will be cooler – woot!!)  Here are some more of the most interesting things we came across.  If you want to see even more goodness, check out our entire Round Top/Warrenton picture gallery on Flickr here.



We scored some awesome finds!!  And great deals.  We were lucky and able to negotiate at least 30% off most of our finds.  Getting a great deal made our success even sweeter! Wonder what we bought? Well here ya’ go!

Carrie bought this sign for her son’s bedroom.  She’s going to hang it on his wall.  How cool is that!!??  Interesting piece isn’t it?  It came from a circus. One of the great things about it is despite the large size, it is surprisingly lightweight.

Carrie also bought this pink iron dress form for her daughter.  Her daughter has been wanting one for quite some time.  Well the search is finally over. This is not a traditional dress form but will work great in her daughter’s room.  She can even put things on the lower shelf like books.

Now for my goodies! I bought this huge letter C.  I have been on the quest for a large C for at least a year.  Most people probably just use random letters or numbers when they decorate with typography but I really wanted a C because our last name starts with a C. This one used to be in a McDonald’s playhouse. It’s perfect because the color will mesh great with the room I want to hang it in.

I found the outdoor chandelier I was hunting for. I adore this one. It’s large and made of heavy old iron. I got a deal on it and it’s going to look great hung from a tree above our patio table outside.

Some of the these pictures don’t look great because they were taken from our phones.  Sorry it was late at night and hard to have photo sessions in our garages. We really think these items will look amazing once we get them installed and put in use. Overall, we did well and didn’t go crazy shopping.  We stayed way under our budgets.  We didn’t get to find some of the things we were hoping for but we both found two items we loved and came home happy.   Can’t wait for April to come!

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