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Junk and a Cheap Hotel.

3 Oct

What a weekend!!

junk round top texas antiques

And worth every mile we drove, calorie we ate, and road we walked in Round Top Texas.

I’m completely exhausted after 12 hours of looking for the perfect pieces to bring home.

And although we do not consider ourselves hotel snobs…we decided to stay ‘cheap’ so we could save our money for things we really wanted.  Makes sense, right???

Not so much.

Well….we won’t talk about the hotel we stayed in…and we will definitely stay somewhere different in Brenham in the future.  Scary!!!  Slept with one eye opened!!!

We’ll share all of our finds this week along with lots of pictures throughout the day.

Angie and I did good…we didn’t go crazy, buying things we really didn’t love…and we got some great pieces that we are so excited about.

Now, I am off to love on my babies and snuggle in my nice, clean bed….and Angie is taking care of her precious mom who seriously broke her ankle over the weekend.  Say a prayer for healing and comfort for her…

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!


Carrie & Angie

What happens in Round Top…

8 Oct

What happens in Round Top…

definitely does not stay in Round Top!

Round Top weekend is one of my most favorite times of the year.  It takes a strong lead over Christmas and Thanksgiving.  I love everything about Round Top…the people, the food, the atmosphere and most of all…the finds!

The weather was absolutely amazing…low 80′s in the afternoon and cool 50′s at night.  Cool enough for a sweater and blanket outside watching the girls dance and sing.  In years past, we are sweating bullets and walking around in either mud or 100% humidity.

I really thought the girls would be bored after an hour of walking…but these little 8 years old are shoppers!  No whining, no crying…just shopping and eating and shopping and eating.

Here are some of the fun things we saw…some we bought, some we passed…others are just fun to look at.

All of the pictures were taken with my iPhone and edited with ShakeItPhoto app.  It seriously has become my newest addiction in photography.  I brought my big girl camera but at the last minute, I thought it would be fun to take vintage-looking pictures to go along with our vintage-inspired weekend!

And alot of this:

These cathedral windows started the buying frenzy!  Once one person makes a purchase, it is downhill from there.

The quick story behind the windows…usually, you can find these windows for anywhere from $65-$150 dollars each depending on the size.  I’ve wanted one for my living room for a while and almost bought one the week before I left for Round Top.  I told myself to wait until after I got back and then I could justify to myself spending that much money for one window.

So…the first place we stopped was this bling-bling, feather boa, rhinestone flip flop booth.  Totally NOT me but the girls wanted to look at some jewerly.  I walked around a corner and saw two windows sitting there.  The large one had a price of $15 and the small one had a price of $10.  My heart stopped.  I turned and ask the woman if she would take $20 for both.  She said they were not hers but would call the girl who shared the booth with her.  I heard her on the phone saying ‘okay, I’ll tell her.”  I thought for sure the windows were marked wrong.

She turns to me and says ‘she’ll take $15 for both.”

Uh. Okay.  And I looked at her like she was crazy…gave her $15…grabbed my windows…and ran like hell to my car.

My friend overhears the exchange and follows me.  She says ‘$50 is a steal for those windows!”  I told her “$15!!!!”  Her mouth dropped in total shock.  I laughed in shock.  And that is how the frenzy began.

We found some interesting signs:

And these great metal letters & numbers in beautiful colors:

Some girlie things:

I think I will make a pillow for Sweet P’s new room out of her old little Mexican dress:

These girls have a tent every year and their stuff is amazing:

I love old glass bottles like these:

A little more junk:

I really, really wanted this:

We ate dinner outside atop this old house…the best baja tacos & margaritas:

And some of our final purchases:

And this old window pane for $3 has found a home in my kitchen:

I really wanted this:

Just kidding!

Round Top really is so much fun and I can’t wait til we do it again in April!

Find a little flea market near you and share your fun with us!

Countdown to…

29 Sep

Countdown to…

Round Top weekend!  Two weekends a year, I take a roadie with a few friends to Round Top, Texas.  Home of funnel cakes, hand-spun potatoes chips, and miles upon miles of junk heaven.

Some cheap junk.  Some expensive junk (you might call them antiques).  But it is heaven on earth and so much fun!

This year is a little different.

One:  I will be there for 3 days!

Two:  I have saved my pennies for months!

Three:  We are bringing our daughters with us!

Four:  I’ll be sleeping in a camper and I haven’t camped since my parents took 4 kids and a 2- person tent to the state park in West Texas and made me pee outside.  Gasp!  I know….

Here are some of things I came home with last year:

This ladder was at the back of little tent.  I spied her and marched in flip flops through 10 feet of mud.  The owner did not want to sell it.  She wanted to make picture frames out of it.  But cash talks…and $30 later, the ladder was mine.

And then I had severe buyers remorse when I got home and my husband shook his head at the sight of this raggedy old ladder.

He quickly changed his tune when this 7 foot, perfectly worn, chipped blue and green ladder found her home in our bathroom.

And this little baby…my heart skipped a beat when I saw her laying on the ground.  My bathroom needed a lot of attention and was crying for a make-over but I didn’t quite have a plan.

When I found this:

…it set the stage for my poor, neglected bathroom!  A before and after of my bathroom will be up soon.

$20 and I love the mismatched knobs especially this rusty blue:

And this little stool was a last minute find.  It was $10 and the perfect size for my vanity.  I recovered it with the leopard print but the jury is still out…it needs to be a bit more…funky, right?

And then my final purchase…the greatest, never will I ever find this deal again…3 chairs for $60.  She wanted $75, I offered $60 and she said SOLD!  The chairs are amazing…distressed the way I like it and recovered with a super soft creamy chenille.  And I only needed 3 chairs to mix in with two parson chairs in my kitchen…they were meant to be mine!

So come Friday at 11am, these little cuties are getting out of school early:

and we are making our way to Round Top!  The little red head is mine…and she is ready for a new bedroom so we are looking for some really fun, unique things to go along with the beast I found a few weeks ago.

And after the girlies are asleep, us moms might enjoy a “Hop, Skip & Go Naked” by the fire after a long day of shopping.

Here is the recipe if you care to try one for yourself.  I promise, you’ll be glad you did!

2/3 c. cold beer

2/3 c. frozen pink lemonade concentrate

1/4 c. vodka

straws or stirrers

Fill blender halfway with ice. Pour in beer, lemonade, and vodka. Blend and serve!

I’ll fill you in next week with all the details!!

P.S. The paint color in my bathroom is Restoration Hardware Silver Sage. The most amazing paint color on earth!

Have a wonderful weekend!

She’s Mine

26 Aug

She’s Mine

We are always on the hunt for unique pieces….one no one would dream of buying. We buy them, take them home…and then asks our husband and friends to hoist them on the wall with 7 inch steel bolts….yes ma’am I did.

This mexican door dates back to the late 1800′s. It was found in Richmond, Texas from a sweet woman who collects all things vintage…everything from doors to cathedral windows.

The story behind this door is funny. I first fell in love with it 2 years before it actually came home. I went to the woman’s property looking for an old gate to hang in my entry…I saw ‘her’ laying up against an old building before I even got out of the car. 8 months pregnant in July Texas heat, I marched straight for it…as my husband walked behind me telling me that ‘thing’ is too big. She was beautiful…green, yellow, brown…chipped and worn.

I cried please.

He said no.

I cried but I am carrying your son!!!

He still said no.

I cried FINE, forget it!

But I didn’t leave empty handed…an early 1900′s French gate (which I adore!) hangs in my entry.

Fast forward 2 years…a spontaneous trip back to the woman’s property….open the doors to her shop and the angels started singing! There she was…leaning up against the wall…looking right at me…waiting to go home.  I bought her on the spot…and she is mine, all mine.

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