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Love & Toast…not for breakfast

18 Nov

Love & Toast…not for breakfast

I usually visit Whole Foods to pick up diner 3-4 nights a week. Each time I am there II I must stop by the skincare isle and smell everything, regardless of the fact that I need nothing.  I hit a major jackpot on Wednesday night that I need to share and it is called Love  & Toast. I have seen the pretty bottles on the aisle before and had shown a brief interest as I walked down the aisle but, on Wednesday night they had moved the products to an end cap and I thought why not, I have time to kill.

As I stood there looking at the bottles of perfume and hand cream I began to get so excited, the bottles and packaging were so pretty and fun and the perfume smelled amazing. The scents in the line are Gin Blossom; Honey Coconut, Mandarin Tea Sugar Grapefruit, Pomme Poivre and Paper Flower. I would bet that I  stood there for fifteen minutes trying to decide which one was my favorite. I have narrowed it down to Paper Flower and Pomme Poivre.  All of the smells are very clean and almost exact to their name and the price point is just as nice.

Shellac: it doesn’t lack luster!

5 Nov

Shellac:  it doesn’t lack luster!

So I am probably the one girl in the world that HATES manicures and pedicures I think that they hurt and they don’t last. The only reason that I go to the salon is for girl time and conversation until now.

I moved to a new city for a job about a year ago, and literally have 3 girlfriends, it is very sad actually.  One of my friends is a busy mother of two boys and I typically only get to see her on the weekends for a manicure/pedicure or the occasional shopping spree.  I must admit that I really more starved for the conversation and girl time than a mani/ pedi but, she told me that she found a new product that would make my nails shiny and perfect, and would last for 2 weeks or more.  I must admit I was very skeptical because my nails literally chip in 2 days and I am constantly painting over them for that uneven bubbly look that is O so not attractive!

One Saturday morning we arrived at the nail place I knew that I had fallen in love. They not only had a TV that was playing Keeping Up with the Kardashians but they have the ability to hook up the microphone for a karaoke sing along, a total A plus in my book. The lady showed me the colors and I was a little disappointed with the lack of color choices but, I found one that I liked and settled in to watch my show and chat with my friend. I asked the lady what was so different about this polish that made is so special?  She told me that it is a new technology that combines the polish with the permanence of gels and that it is chip free and long wearing,  the application process alone was an art form. The nail polish is cured with an LED light and literally dries instantly, and leaves your nails shiny and chip free for two weeks.  I am so in love with this new polish that I don’t have to be swayed in any way to go and get my nails done. As for the lack of color choices, this link shows you how you can mix and match them to get just the perfect color to match any season or trend.


Find about more on Shellac!

Is it cold? No…it’s hot

26 Oct

Is it cold?  No…it’s hot

That’s the weather here in Texas right now.  Wake up…its chilly.  By lunch time…you’re sweatin’.

It’s sad when your children wake up in the morning, step outside to feel the 60 degree air and scream in terror “IS IT CHRISTMAS?”  Like Santa is really ready for Christmas??

And yes, that is a true story.  They thought it was Christmas…in September because the temperature dropped below 90 degrees.

We really never know how to dress but I do know:

I have alot of tank tops.

I own a boyfriend cardigan in every color under the sun.

I wear flip flops year ’round.

I love my 7 jeans.

And I go crazy over cheap jewelry.

Here is what my go-to outfit consists of:

Comfy casual

My favorite jeans…a plain tank top…bright scarf…fun cardi…great, cheap jewelry…and flip flops.

I carry a big bag that holds only 2 of my things, my phone and wallet…the rest of the space belongs to a 2 year old’s goldfish, trucks, and Buzz Lightyear and 8 year old’s gum, Justice magazine, and fancy water bottle.  Can you feel my pain?

You can find a super cute cardigan like the one above at Target.  Who doesn’t love Target?

A bright hot pink scarf and these fabulous ankle boots at Forever 21 for your date night with your hubby.

I think you deserve to buy yourself something fun today…because it’s Tuesday and you’re fabulous.

And there are only 60 days left til Christmas.

Love ya friends!

None of your Bees Wax!

8 Oct

None of your Bees Wax!

One of my girlfriends recently turned me onto the Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Crème and I am obsessed. We were having lunch and shopping one Saturday and I noticed that she kept applying this crème to her cuticles. Even though I am a huge skin fanatic, I don’t typically take care of my nails (Yes Mother, I know I should).   A few weeks later my friend brought me one as a little gift and I LOVE it! I have since purchased a few more so that I always have them handy when I switch handbags.

This crème smells incredible! The almond oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E all work together to moisturize your hands while the lemon oil gives a shiny and wonderful scent to your hands. This is a nail party in a little pot and the $6.00 price tag is a bonus.

Read all about it here. This creme was featured in Allure magazine’s best products and you can find it at Target or any drugstore.

Side note:  this is Carrie and Cory gave me a pot of this creme…it rocks!  And smells so good!

Pretty in Pink

7 Oct

Pretty in Pink

I am sharing the love today with these fabulous brushes I recently found at Target.

I am not one to spend a lot of money on things for myself especially make up brushes.  But when this sweet little thing decided she wanted to use my one of 3 brushes:

I decided it was time to be a big girl and buy some real makeup brushes.

I looked around and although I love anything MAC, I could not bear to part with $40 for one brush.

And then I found Sonia Kashuk for Target and this pretty little pink case for $12.99:

And inside were four of the most perfect brushes…blush, eyeshadow, highlighter, and smudger:

And a portion goes to breast cancer research…a nice little way to support the ta-ta’s!!

I Declare!

19 Sep

I Declare!

Today is one of my favorite days, I get to go into my closet and rotate out my fragrances. I say good-bye to my summer friends and say hello to my fall/winter ones. It’s like visiting old friends.

I instantly realized why I fell in love with one of my particularly special friends. His name is Cartier Declaration! This fragrance was initially launched in 1997 when I was working at the men’s fragrance counter, and I instantly fell in love with it. It is a very woodsy fragrance with top notes of bitter orange and bergamot. The middle notes consist of rosewood, coriander, oak moss, and patchouli.

I bought this for my husband and he is not very fond of it so, I stole it and have been wearing it ever since. This fragrance makes you feel like you should be draped in leather and cashmere from head to toe! Sometimes I love the feel of wearing a man’s fragrance because I know that I can create a unique scent that nobody around me will be able to mirror.

Find it here!

Strut your stuff!

16 Sep

Strut your stuff!

I have an obsession with cocktail rings lately. My husband recently bought this for me and it is my favorite!!

The House of Harlow line by Nicole Richie is amazing. This is my second ring from the line but, my favorite; I wear it with everything because it is so versatile and fun!

Now I need to figure out how I can talk him into buying me the cuff.

House of Harlow can be found at www.shopkitson.com or HERE.

Let’s Get Naked!

9 Sep

The perfect shade of nude on the eye can be used as a stand alone eye shadow color or as a highlighter. As we age it is important to be cautious of shadows that have too much of a frost reflection because it has a tendency to accentuate any fine line.

MAC Naked pigment is the best one that I have found. It is great on a spring and summer day when you want to canvas your entire lid or on a fall day when you want to go a bit darker. It works very well along with a black liner and a red lip. It is my staple with any color.  www.maccosmetics.com


6 Sep

Have you ever seen a color that is so striking that you wanted to wrap it around you like a blanket? I have searched hi and lo for the perfect shade of nail polish for fall. Everything is too brown, too black, too blue, or just not right. I found the perfect shade yesterday, Rimmel London steel grey! The price makes it that much better at $3.79 a bottle. The brush is flat on both sides and the consistency is great. This is my new fall must have.

Find it HERE

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