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DIY : 3rd times a charm??

20 Mar

This armoire.

This armoire is driving me nuts.

Originally white and distressed (I can’t find the before picture to save my life).

I decided I wanted some gold metallic in my life.

So I painted it Martha Stewart’s Vintage Gold.

martha stewart vintage gold metallic paint

I turned out okay.  Nothing great.  Didn’t set off any fireworks.

Definitely not one of my favorite pieces.

So yesterday, I decided it needed to be yellow.  And beat up and rubbed up with some stain.  And given some new crystal knobs.

Here’s a glimpse.  One coat of paint.  I’m a lazy painter…leave it in the room is my motto.

I’m digging it.

But my husbands gonna kill me.

I’ll share the final product next week.



Tuesday’s DIY: 10 Minute Chair Makeover

7 Feb

These chairs needed a little updating.  I bought them at them at an estate sale recently and they were a great find at $30 bucks each.

The upholstery is in near perfect condition, they have great shape and they are mid-century which is one of my favorite styles.

Despite the blue checkered upholstery being in excellent shape, I’m not that keen on the print of the fabric. The print is adequate but the chair would look killer with a new bold bright fabric on it. However, because the fabric is in such good quality, it doesn’t seem rational to tear it off and redo it.  Not to mention upholstery fabric is expensive and this chair would require a tremendous amount of work to upholster.

My mind was racing trying to come up with an idea that would give these chairs a little facelift and also be both quick and economical.  Good thing I met my new San Antonio friend, Donno Rullo.  Donna, who is a brilliant designer and always full of great ideas suggested painting the legs.  Perfect idea!

So here is a quick makeover that took less than 10 minutes.  I painted the legs silver using Martha Stewart Precious Metals Paint in the shade Silver Leaf,

the same silver I previously used on this desk:

Painting the legs was the easiest furniture project I’ve probably ever completed. I painted two coats and the combined work time took 10 minutes.

The silver looks a little flat in the picture but in person, it’s really nice with lots of silver variations.  I think it made a big difference in the chair’s appearance and it now looks much more modern.

Here’s another side by side comparison.

What you do think about the new legs?!  Like? :)


Silver saves the day

25 Oct

You probably remember the hard work that was required refinishing this desk…

and the ugly red/orange paint debacle I shared with you yesterday.

But on to happier times…

This desk that once saw tragedy is now a beautiful piece of work – in silver.

Martha Stewart Precious Metals Paint in the shade Silver Leaf finished off with Valspar antiquing glaze in Asphaltum.

Miraculously, the glass top survived our move from Los Angeles.

Here she sits alone in my office that will be decorated soon.

I just love her.

She’s a beautiful deep silver and the antiquing gives emphasis to all her curves and features…ornate feet, round sides and deep grooves.

This room is a little sitting area attached to our master bedroom. It will serve as my office and also as my dressing room. I can’t wait to blog away on my laptop here….or maybe also use her as make-up vanity. I can sit here like a queen for a day and powder my nose.

This area is still a blank canvas and needs lots of work.  I haven’t really done much other than hang two pictures.  So much to do including finding a chair and decorating more. I am thinking of making it very glam with a gallery of large ornate frames on a wall and maybe adding a fluffy rug.

If you are interested in using the Martha Stewart Precious Metals paint, it was a dream to work with in terms of quality and rich color choices.

However the metallic paint easily leaves brush and roller marks. I used a small dense foam roller designed to leave minimal marks and still had to be very cautious.

I found it best to use exceptionally thin layers to help reduce marks.

So I am dying to know…what do you think?!  Do you like the silver?

Annie Sloan’s Rocks

11 Oct

Thanks to one of my BFF’s…I received a can of this for my birthday:

annie sloans chalk paint paris grey

And both of our husbands laughed at the thought of giving a can of paint for a birthday gift.

Boys.  They just don’t understand the value of good paint.

And Angie and I laughed at how times have changed in the gift-giving department….long gone are the days of a bottle of wine and fancy jewelry.

We want paint.  Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint to be specific.

I love how Angie knew that paint would be the perfect gift.

And she has a birthday around the corner…hmmmm, I wonder what she’s getting from me??  :)

I’ve never used chalk paint before so I decided to start small.

This Pottery Barn mirror on my mantel was once knotty pine…then I painted it black several years ago.

It’s a beautiful mirror…gorgeous, heavy, huge.

But the black mirror on the black mantel is too much…and I’ve wanted to do something else but haven’t put much thought into it.

And in steps the chalk paint.

paris grey annie sloans chalk paint pottery barn mirror

Totally awesome to paint with.  Easy to use.

Dries super fast with no brush strokes.

And distresses like a dream.


I loved the way the paint looked after distressing.

But it was a little to pale for the living room.  My wall color is pretty light in there and I have very dark wood floors so I really wanted a contrast on the mirror.

So…loving the Paris Grey…and needing a punch of something…I dry brushed just a touch of Mermaids Net over the Paris Grey.

And distressed a bit more.

I am absolutely in love with the combination of the Paris Grey, Mermaids Net, and the original black peeking through.


Added our sweet little gold and orange pumpkin…


I love it.  Love, love, love it.

Did I say I love it??

Kudos to  Annie Sloan’s and to my BFF Angie for the can of paint.

I already know the next piece getting a coat of Paris Grey!  Do you have anything you’ve painted…and repainted?  We’d love to see!!



Silver & Dark Wood :: Two Toned Table

6 Oct

Silver & Dark Wood :: Two Toned Table

Now that Carrie and I live in the same state, we can do fun things together like refinishing furniture.  When we visited our friend Cory the other week in Dallas, we took some time to help her out with her dining room table.  Cory had previously painted the table silver but was unhappy with it.

The problems:

1) A silver table that didn’t match dark brown chairs with beige upholstery.

2) Additionally, the silver paint was lacking something. It was a dull shade, almost gray with a very monochromatic look.  The paint didn’t emphasize the details on the table and looked bland.

The solutions:

1) Make the table two-toned with a dark top to create a more cohesive look with the chairs and

2) Use glaze to give the dull silver paint a more striking effect and make the details on the table more visible and defined.

Beautiful now isn’t it?

Here’s how we did it…

First, the table was prepped by taping the edge of the table top.

Gel remover was sponge painted to the top surface.

Scraped off paint.


After all the top paint was removed, the surface was sanded to help the stain to adhere.

Dark stain was applied with sponge brushes.

While the stain was setting, we started working on the glaze.  We bought this fancy glazing brush on a whim.  However, a good ole cut up t-shirt ended up working much better.

We had Cory help us beat up the table a little more with a knife. Scraping off some of the paint helped add character to the table.

Glazed was applied all over the bottom of the table and very liberally in all groves and detailed lines.

The excess stain was wiped off the top.

Here are the results – a pretty two-toned table!

The glaze really made an impact.  Here is another picture of the Before.

Here’s the After.

The glaze brought out the silver tones in the paint and emphasized the detailed features that previously went unnoticed.

Carrie and I are going to start taking on interior design and furniture restoration jobs soon. I guess you could say Cory was our first client!!

However, considering she paid us with goat cheese, wine and petit fours…

…maybe not?! Oh well, that  meant more to us anyway!

What do you think of the two-toned look?  Do you have anything you want to refinish the same way?





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DIY :: Making furniture new again…with stain. (Before & After Outdoor Patio Set)

30 Jun

DIY :: Making furniture new again…with stain. (Before & After Outdoor Patio Set)

The last few weeks I saw about a billion things on craigslist being given away – for FREE.  Not junk either.  Great amazing things including a fabulous ornate Spanish desk, industrial vintage factory cart and huge 8 foot farmhouse table.  FREE!!!! Can you believe??  I whined and sulked because both my husband and I own cars that have almost zero hauling capacity. Neither one of our back seats fold down which means our trunk space hauling area is the size of a peanut.

So..all those amazing things that were free on craigslist were out of my reach.   I contemplated renting a truck or paying movers but the cost of that wasn’t in my budget right now.  And it kind of defeats the purpose of getting it for free, ya’ know?

I soon quit whining because I realized this obstacle was a blessing in disguise.  There are so many home improvement and old unfinished projects left yet to complete at our house.  My garage is stuffed with old supplies that need to be used up along with half finished furniture.  Not to mention about 50 home improvement projects we need to finish. I should be focusing on that instead of stuffing my garage with more projects.

This teak patio set is one of those old projects.  I got this from craigslist at least one year ago and since that time, it has sat ugly and unused on a patio area located on the right side of our home.

The table set and patio area are so hideous we never spend any time there except walking briskly by as we pass through.  Also check out the fence in the background – yuck isn’t it? Well, I’ll tell you more about that later too.

Welcome stain to the rescue!


It’s been a while since I used stain and I forget how miraculously it can bring new life to dead pieces.

I had almost a full can of stain leftover from another project – Varathane “Early American”.  A little stain goes a long way and this small can was just enough to cover the table and all four chairs with almost two coats. I painted one thick coat and then painted a selective second coat only on areas that needed to be touched up.

Before staining, the entire patio set was given a quick sand with this sanding pad.  The sanding job was so quick it took less than 10 minutes.  I wanted to lightly roughen up the surface to help the stain adhere.


After sanding, the dust was brushed off with a small hand held brush and then wiped off with a damp rag to help ensure the smaller particles were removed.

Next the stain was applied very liberally with a foam paint brush.  The stain was layered on thick because the wood on the patio set was very dry and I wanted the stain to soak in well.  Applying the stain was such a rewarding experience because within minutes glorious results were achieved.


It is shocking how new the old wood now looks.

Here is a before and after comparison of the first chair that was completed.  Such a difference, don’t you agree?

After staining, the the entire set was painted with polyurethane outdoor sealer.  I never use sealer anymore for indoor furniture (I prefer oil and wax).  I think sealer is a little outdated and changes the color and effect of the stain.  However, on outdoor items sealer is a necessity. Without sealant, the outdoor elements like sun and rain will weather and wear out the furniture’s surface faster.

I am so glad I started working on all my old projects. My house is really coming together now! I have completed so much and even stained that fence that was in the background (which I will share the “how-to” with you soon!).  Maybe soon, I’ll start on that closet full of old sewing projects!

Do you have old projects you have been piling up?





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Introducing :: Petals and Farmhouse Windows

23 May

Introducing :: Petals and Farmhouse Windows

This project is one of the very first crafty DIY household projects I’ve created.  At least 10 years ago, I was visiting my parents one weekend when my mom and I had the impulse to do something “crafty”.

So we drove to Michael’s late one night and picked up heavy mat board that was at least 1/4″ (so that it could hold the flower weight).  Then we and hustled back to my parent’s house to get working.  We only need mat boards because my mom has a library of craft supplies that would make Martha Stewart jealous. She dries and collects flowers and has an entire room of dried flowers.  An entire room.  No joke.  Some are organized in boxes and others are hung in sweater hangers for easy access.

My mom also has a bunch of farmhouse windows.  It is a long story as to how she got them but the short version is that someone was getting rid of hundreds of them and my mom had the foresight to run over and pick up as many as she could.  At the time, everyone protested…No, mom…that’s junk! What on earth are you going to do with old windows?!?!

Well good thing she didn’t listen because her farmhouse windows and dried flower collection helped create this picture.

The colors of some of the dried flowers have faded over time but most of the colors are still vibrant.  It is surprising how well it has held up over the years. Some flowers have flaked to the bottom of the frame but most have held their form.

It is interesting how some have changed colors.  The yellow-orange colored flower third from the left used to be bright fuschia.

I don’t have any “before” or “how to” pictures because I had no idea 10 years ago I would ever have a blog.  Did blogs even exist that long ago?  :)

Making this was very easy.  All we did was use two light colored acrylic paints to paint a background and cover up the severe bright white colored mat board.  We dry brushed paint in circles to create a billowy cloud like effect.

Then it was hot glue time. We hot glued like crazy and invented our own flowers.  The flowers you see here have been pieced together to make new large flowers.   For example the large yellow-orange flower I referred to earlier was actually a bunch of little flowers that were molded into a large oval shape. The stem was created by glueing small leaves together.

It took hours to glue the flowers but we had fun at it while sipping my mom’s famous hot cafe lattes and watching movies. It was a night to remember – nothing like making crafts with my mom!  How I wish we lived in the same state so that we could spend more time together…

After hot glueing all the flowers we stapled the mat board to the back of the window frame.  The window frame didn’t need any artist work. It was already beautiful and rustic since the original paint had weather away naturally.

This was the picture I created. My mom also created her own.  I don’t have a picture of hers…it was very different but quite pretty. Maybe one of these days I can find a picture of it and share it.

I almost threw this picture out when I cleaned out our storage unit but I am so glad I kept it because now that I see it in my new house, it might fit well into the office I am going to create.

What do you think?  Do you like it?



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DIY Custom Art Made from Lattice Wood

22 Apr

DIY Custom Art Made from Lattice Wood

I want to share with you an art project I made using wood strips. The entire project cost $4.00 since I used old art frame and leftover supplies.

I was on a mission to find some type of art that tied together several colors in our living room: burnt orange, green and various browns.  I could never find anything just right so I decided to make my own piece of art.  For my first art piece, I think it came out quite well! It really fits in the room and the pieces of wood give the room an earthy and natural touch.

The project started out with this piece of art.  It is a modern acrylic art deco kind of piece.  It wasn’t horrible. It actually looked great in our old house when we lived in Austin, Texas.  This is our old living room and the art I am referring to is the one with red on the right.

Our old house was somewhat mid-century modern with contemporary furniture.

Our new house in Los Angeles is nothing like that and that piece of art just didn’t fit.  Plus, I had owned that piece of art almost 8 years and was just sick of looking at it.  Sometimes you gotta change things up! :)

I thought about selling the art but figured I wouldn’t get much for it.  Then the idea came to me to reuse the frame for a new art project.  The frame was solid wood, heavy and nice and would be a great base for a new piece of art.

I had the idea to cover the surface with different colored wood strips. For my project, I chose wood lath.  This is redwood lath.  It is typically used to make lattice and is lightweight and cheap.

(Please note, this project could also easily be recreated using MDF or plywood instead of an old art frame).

I bought mine for .38 cents for an 8 foot strip.  The hardware store cut it up into the lengths that matched my art frame — for FREE! I spent approximately $4 total for the redwood laths.

Next step, staining the woods strips.  I chose various colors including two brown colors from Varathane, Early American and Espresso and three stains from iKea, white, green and red.  When painted with only one coat, the red color actually looks orange.  (See here also).


Then time to glue!  A glue like gorilla glue can be used.  I actually opted to use tile grout to adhere the wood since we had quite a bit left over from a a home improvement project.

The wood strips were attached in random patterns.

Since some of the strips were lifting, I put objects on top to help keep them secured while drying.

All done!  For now, I have the frame resting vertically against the wall.  I need to hang the art on the wall horizontally but first… buy a stud finder. The art frame is so heavy now!

What do you think??!  Do you like? :)

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Blue Coffee Bag Side Tables

21 Apr

Blue Coffee Bag Side Tables

Upon Carrie’s insistence, I finally went to Goodwill.  It was my first Goodwill experience and it was a definitely interesting. When I walked in, I was confused. Was this where old shoes go to die?

But after wondering around for a while, I realized what a goldmine Goodwill can be.  It is not a place you walk into and have billions of goodies at your fingertips.  Goodwill is a place for hunters.

You have to search and be patience and then find your kill. Well, I found my kill.  These cute little nesting tables.

Priced at $5. Awesome.

I carted them home and then later discovered another goodie about these little babies.  I think they might be Eames era mid century three-legged spider tables.   Double Awesome.

Before you think I ruined an antique, let me first let it known these tables were damaged.  The leather like tops (maybe leather, maybe pleather?) had tears on the sides and were also pierced with tacks on the top!  So there ya’ go.  Nothing wrong going on here.

My initial plans were to cover the tops with coffee bags and paint the legs shabby chic white.  I did that but then changed my mind.  The white was pretty but wasn’t exactly matching my bedroom decor and our new Anthropologie bed cover. So the legs were then repainted blue.

Here is how I originally made them in white (and then at the bottom of this post, I’ll show you how I converted them to blue).

First the tops were popped off which was easy because they just wiggled off.

The legs were painted white.   Then instead of scraping the paint off and damaging the wood —  what I did was my favorite aging technique ever…taking a cloth dripping with water  (while the paint still wet) and ringing the water out of the cloth so that it washes off some of the paint in selected areas.  It is so easy but hard to explain and even harder to photograph since it is done so quickly.  Maybe I’ll make a video of it soon! :)

Covering the table tops was easy.  Since the leather like tops were thin and flat, the leather was left on.  The tops were used as a pattern for cutting the coffee bags.The pattern was cut about 1.5 inches from the edge of the top of the table. I should have made it larger because the coffee bags were very firm and a little extra space would have been helpful when turning the edges over.

Time to attach the coffee bags.  The coffee bag was laid “pretty side” down.  The table tops were laid on top of the coffee bag.

Then the sides were pulled up and glued to the back edge of the table tops, using Gorilla Glue.

To keep the coffee bag and table top pressed together while the glue dried, I secured with these high tech fancy rocks from my patio.  Ha!  Hey, it worked.

Once dried, the tops were popped back into the legs.

DONE!  Well maybe not done?

We needed some small bedside tables in our bedroom.

The white shabby chic tables were pretty but they just didn’t quite go with the design direction I am trying to accomplish in our bedroom.

So, they got a coat of blue paint!

Now they compliment the bedspread better.

I think the blue matches and also goes with the funky eclectic vibe.

There is not a lot of room in our bedroom.  These tables are a good fit because they are small yet still provide ample space for a drink or a book beside the bed.

What do you think?

iKea Hemnes Dresser Makeover – Knotty Pine to Espresso

7 Apr

iKea Hemnes Dresser Makeover – Knotty Pine to Espresso

We bought a lot of second hand furniture when we moved to Los Angeles since we wern’t sure if the move was permanent.  Most of the second hand furniture we bought was from iKea and needed some improvement.  One of these items was a dresser that had previously been utilized in our bedroom. Since storage space is limited in our house, we now use the dresser in nook in the dining area to hold extra household items like serving platters.

This dresser started out with plain pine wood.  Pine wood with lots of dark colored knots.  I really can’t really stomach pine wood on too many things. Pine wood just doesn’t seem to go with much.

Here was what it looked like before.


I adore dark wood, specifically the shade expresso so I chose Varathane Wood Stain (Espresso) to spruce up this dresser.

My choice was really convenient because the contractor that refinished our wood floors left plenty of leftover Varathane espresso wood stain in our garage.

The entire dresser the quickest one minute sanding and piece of sandpaper has ever seen.

I was in a rush and just wanted a light abrasion to help the stain penetrate.

The staining process was very easy.  I sloshed on the stain with a foam brush and here is the end result.


The whole sanding and staining process took less than an hour.  The knots in the pine wood aren’t visible anymore however they did leave an interesting effect with the stain.  Some of the areas and knots really absorbed the stain well and others not quite so much.  The result is a blotchy but unique effect.

I have some pieces of furniture in my house that have taken me weeks to restore yet somehow this dresser always gets the most compliments.  People always want to know where I got it and what type of wood it is.

Since the dresser does not receive a lot of traffic, like a table top might, I didn’t bother sealing it.

$20 purchase on Craigslist

+ $0 leftover stain

= $20 Total Cost!

Since the project was so cheap, I might upgrade the hardware in the future! :)



iKea Stool – Orange Facelift

30 Mar

iKea Stool – Orange Facelift

I couldn’t reach the top kitchen cabinets so began a mission searching for a stool.  I looked for something that would fit the kitchen motif which is light colored wood combined with dark but pretty orange accessories. Btw…I love orange right now and even painted part of the inside of my garage orange. I love playing with color!

I searched for a pretty stool and they aren’t that easy to come by.  Most stools are made of metal or expensive.

I came across this iKea Bekvam step stool ($14.99) which was the perfect size for my needs.  It came in a color called beech which is perhaps pine wood?  I’m not a big fan of pine wood so the idea of staining was an option I attempted to spruce it up .

I carted it home and stained it orange using iKea’s red colored stain.  Even though the shade is actually named red, if one coat is applied, the result is the perfect shade of orange.

—iKea also has other stain color options for those not as orange crazy as me.

I think the results are a great match for our kitchen.

A stool is something typically hidden in a cabinet but I love keeping this stool out and not having to hide it. This way it becomes another colorful accessory in my kitchen.

The stool also has a nifty carrying slot.

The other great thing is that this project took less than 10 minutes!

Before & After :: Shutters

17 Feb

Before & After :: Shutters

Remember these shutters?  I made a little something out of them a while back and I think it might be one of my most favorite ‘re-do’ project thus far.

These shutters were on every window in our home when we bought it about 3 years ago.  We replaced them with 3 inch plantation shutters which we absolutely love.  Definitely worth the investment.

My husband wanted to trash the old shutters.

I screamed NEVER!

He huffed and puffed and said ‘what are you going to do with these??’

My response to him…I don’t know but you are not throwing them away.

And he didn’t but he wasn’t happy about it because HIS garage does look like a dump.  A total wreck because I do have a habit of buying things…and leaving them in HIS garage.

I don’t rush into projects.  I buy things…or save things…and think.

And think.

And think until I get a fabulous idea…then get to work.

Then the finished piece gets moved out of HIS garage and he is happy.  And I am happy.

And we do the happy dance.

So the stack of shutters did sit in HIS garage for a quite sometime I will admit.  He tried moving them to the attic but you know that saying ‘outta sight, outta mind’…I was afraid I would forget about them so I begged and maybe cried a bit to keep in HIS garage.

And he did.  And I was happy again.

Then one day walking to my children’s room, I decided I would paint the shutters and put on them on the wall leading to their rooms…hang pictures on them…and be happy.

I went through sample cans of paint in HIS garage…decided on Mermaids Net…a perfect mix of green and blue and grey (or is it gray?)…

Painted then distressed with a knife by scraping the corners and edges.

The shutters went from this:

And this:

To this:

I found these handles at Hobby Lobby (the greatest place on earth!)

And I love them.  And yes the top frame is still empty…I will put a picture in there one day.

I still have a stack of shutters that I cannot get rid of.

Antique markets sell them for lots of $$$.  Round Top Texas always has rows of shutters for sale.

But I have a garage full of them.  Holla!

Sweet P might have a set of pink shutters for her walls in the very near future…I will keep you updated on that project.

Are you like me…do you hang on to things for.ev.er?!?  So glad we can relate!

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