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Coffee Bag Creations!

15 Feb

Coffee Bag Creations!

Coffee bag creations will soon be taking over my house and life!  My mom scored big time. And fortunately I will reap the benefits.  She discovered a lot of coffee bags (over 50!) for me on craigslist in Texas where she lives.  Yeah mom! Love you!

I adore coffee bags and have been itching to get my grubby paws on some.

My mom sent me 3 of the bags so I could see what they looked like and they surpassed my expectations.  They are different textures and the variety will be fun to play with.  All the bags are heavy, thick and durable.  Some are soft with tight weave and others are rough with large weave.

And…they are large!  It’s possible too create two large pillows out of each one.

I already started a small project with the one of them. I white washed the legs on two spider leg stools and covered the tops with a coffee bag material.

My mom only sent me 3 and I am so excited to see the rest. I’ll get to see all of them soon because I am traveling to Texas later this week.  That’s a whole other story I’ll tell you all about later.  It will be quite an adventure involving a Uhaul and a journey halfway across the country with my mom! Our own little Thelma and Louise expedition (minus the driving off the cliff part).

Talk to you soon from Texas…and be prepared to see lots and lots of coffee bag projects coming your way :)

I shared this table with The Shabby Nest…go check her out!!  And our precious friend Jane at Finding Fabulous! And Whipperberry!

Inspiration: Burlap and Muslin Project Ideas

29 Oct

Inspiration: Burlap and Muslin Project Ideas

You know I love burlap!!  It’s become an obsession lately. Here are some new inspirational items made with burlap and other vintage type material found the flea market.

They are all newly made creations…some are actually made with vintage fabric and others are made to look like vintage fabric.

The above muslin printed pillows are printed to look antique.

Mixed fabric types used on the pic below – the crown gives it a Juicy Couture type effect.

Mixed prints and colors.  I love the bright green combination.

Here are several chairs made with antique fabric.  The last one with the light red stripe is my favorite!

To see more items with burlap, click here.

I {heart} coffee…

19 Oct

I {heart} coffee…

…coffee bags that is. Angie writes about her love for coffee bags here.  Take special note of that fabulous striped chair…

I found these coffee bags while in Round Top:

and I am kicking myself for not buying at least one to bring back to land of Sugar.

Burlap and coffee bags are everywhere….from chairs and pillows, to handbags and shoes.  But as with anything, a little goes along way.  I would definitely not outfit an entire room in burlap but maybe sprinkle in a pillow or two with vintage numbers and some distressed iron.  And I am in love with garden stools used as end tables…love!

Check out my mood board…and tell me, how do you like your coffee?

Notice the chair in Angie’s post from juxtapositionhome?

Notice the bench in my mood board?

Someone might have a little tutorial for you this week…

Life after espresso…

4 Sep

Life after espresso…

I know it sounds like a craft project gone wrong but I have come across many elegant items made with coffee bags. The great thing about them is that you are repurposing material and…how can you not love the history of each bag carries. Each bag has traveled so far…most places are a mystery but there are some stamps for dates and different cities and countries on each one.

My first pursuit will be to create pillows, specifically pillows for my outdoor furniture. I might also create some indoor throw pillows. Later when I am feeling extremely adventurous I want to reupholster a chair. I have never upholstered a chair before so that will be a big accomplishment and one I am little scared to tackle.

My first inspiration for creating things with coffee bags came from a vendor I found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I don’t know if you have ever heard of this particular flea market but it has to be like no other. Located in the beautiful city of Pasadena, it is held at the Rose Bowl Stadium once a month – it is huge with over 2,500 vendors and loaded with so many unique items. I came across pillows and a chair and ottoman and was blown away.

Then a few weeks ago while traveling in Newport Beach I discovered an amazing store called Juxtaposition. If you are ever in the area, you have to check it out. Their logo is “Where vintage industrial, crisp linen, and found objects are not strange bed fellows.” When I read that phrase, I thought…hey, that’s me!!! The store was loaded with pillows, chairs and comforters made from coffee bags and other jute and burlap type industrial materials. (You can view more of their things on their website at: http://www.juxtapositionhome.com). I found these pillows and adore the way they mixed the coffee bag pillow with the striped chair. After seeing how they mixed the fabrics, I realized there are limitless possibilities with what can be done coffee bags!
I can’t wait to score some of these bags myself and start making things.

At this point I am still trying to figure out where to find them. I looked online and couldn’t find much that didn’t have outrageous shipping prices. I think I might ask some local coffee shops and coffee roasters next…

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