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Stocking Stuffers: Bodum Espresso Cups = No Calories!

12 Nov

Stocking Stuffers: Bodum Espresso Cups = No Calories!

So I learned two things this week.

1) When two of your best friends are in a fight.  Stay out of it.

2) The latte I drink everyday at Coffee Bean has 330 calories! (and 13.2 grams of fat).   WTH!

OK, let’s forget #1.  It’s Friday and time for happy thoughts!

And in regards to #2.  I wish I could forget that.  Too late now!!

If you don’t already drink the Hazelnut Latte at Coffee Bean, do yourself a favor and don’t start.  For me it has been a passionate love affair and a powerful addiction.

For those that don’t count calories, I’ll make it simple:

330 calories is the equivalent to one meal.

OK, so let’s be real here.  I can’t cut out my lattes. I love them so much.  I need them! (I sound like a true addict).

But I can cut back.

And I found a great new helper this week at Sur La Table.  These awesome little Bodum espresso cups.  Modern and sleek with a silicone wrap.

Espresso = no calories, no fat. (Not including sugar).

These little suckers would be great stocking stuffers!  Ever have a white elephant holiday party at your office and can’t think of anything to bring?  Hello!

They cost $5.95 each.  I bought two in store at Sur La Table for a grand total of $13.06 (with tax).

BUT… you can can get them online for less.  Here.  $19.95 for a set of 6!

And Bodum offers free shipping on some items!

Real Simple Magazine – 2 for 1 Holiday Deal!

12 Nov

Real Simple Magazine – 2 for 1 Holiday Deal!

I collect Real Simple Magazine.

Just like mom collected National Geographic (and well…dad collected Playboy!) when I was growing up.   I try to throw them away but each edition has so many great projects I want to save.

Well Happy Hollidays to us all!

Real Simple has a great surprise for those of you who are addicted to it like I am.  If you renew your subscription, you can send another subscription FREE to a friend for an entire year!  Holla!

That is awesome!!

The advertisement implies you must already have a subscription but the form looks like anyone can subscribe and get the same deal.  I don’t know…might be worth a shot if you don’t already have one.  No harm in trying!

I renewed and sent my extra FREE yearly subscription to my sweet mom.  Now we both can enjoy all the amazingness Real Simple has to offer!

This is a great holiday gift idea because the recipient does not have to know you got it for free.

To subscribe for your free subscription, click HERE.

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