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In over my head… and going to Round Top

30 Sep

I wonder if I have ADD? I am always racing off to work on a new project and haven’t even finished the last blog post or DIY project I’m working on.  Case in point, I am planning a trip to Round Top’s antique fair this weekend when I have yet to upload pictures and blog about our girl’s weekend in Dallas (that occurred 2 weeks ago!).   Am I crazy? Here I am trying to travel to Round Top to get more antiques when I have 4 projects that I haven’t completed in my garage.

Maybe I lack focus? Or perhaps I am just over ambitious.  Eek!  I need to figure it out because I always feel like I am running full pace yet always running behind!

I’ll try to finish up and tell you about our trip very soon.  I really do want to share it.  We did some fun stuff and even redesigned a table that is killer beautiful.  Just to give you a little teaser, it’s antique silver with a gorgeous deep chocolate top.    And just to tease you a little more… the projects I am finishing up include a silver claw foot desk (I’m kind of obsessed with silver lately), a dark orange dresser (I know it sounds scary but I think it is going to be epic!), a glossy yellow ornate chair and a huge DIY whiteboard wall for my husband’s office.   Stay tuned next week and I promise you really will see these projects finally popping up because I am determined to complete them and become the punctual blogger I know I can be!

Even though I have unfinished projects, I am justifying my trip because Round Top only occurs twice a year.  So I HAVE to go this weekend even though my garage isn’t quite ready for the inflow.  I am super excited about this antique show.  If you haven’t heard about Round Top before it is a huge antique show in Central Texas.

Carrie has actually been before (you can see pictures of Carrie’s trip last year here) but this is my first Round Top experience.  By the way, we are referring it as “Round Top” because that name is commonly known but really we are going to the antique fair called Warrenton.  According to my expert insider advice (Carrie!), Warrenton has cheaper deals. Warrenton is a large antique fair outside of Round Top and occurs at the same time.  I guess you could say Warrenton is Round Top’s evil stepchild.  All I had to hear were the terms amazing ANTIQUES and CHEAPER and I booted up my GPS.  I WILL find Warrenton and be there come rain or shine.

This antique shopping will also be monumental because it will be the first time Carrie and I have shopped for antiques together – ever.  Carrie and I share the same passion about furniture and interior design and blog about it together…but living in different states didn’t allow spending any time together. Since I moved to Texas about 7 weeks ago, I have seen Carrie 4 times already and now we will actually get to go antique hunting together.  Our idea of heaven on earth.  Sure beats the past when I lived in Los Angeles and could only see Carrie once every year and half.   Moving to Texas has had great benefits!

Carrie and I have been fantasizing over the things we want to by this weekend and here are the things on our wish lists:

1)   Carrie wants lockers.  She wants to use them in a mud room type capacity to store her children’s backpacks and raincoats.

(Image curtesy of Pinterest)

2)   Carrie also wants a magazine rack.  Preferably antique and waist high.  It will be used in her office for organization.

(Image curtesy of Pinterest)

3)   I want a ladder.  A thick chucky ladder.  I discovered this ladder in a cute boutique in San Antonio and I want to do the same with my scarves.  I’ve got lots of scarves and they are really need a home.

(Overexposed blurry photo curtesy of my iPhone)

4)   I also want an outdoor chandelier.  Or any chandelier or item that can be converted to an outdoor chandelier to hold candles.  I want to hang it from a tree above our outdoor table.

(Image curtesy of Pinterest)

5)   And we both want FRAMES and TYPOGRAPHY.  Small, large…whatever shapes and as many as we can get our grubby hands on.


(Image curtesy of Pinterest)

If you are headed to Warrenton/RoundTop, have fun!  But don’t you dare thinking about buying any lockers, magazine racks, ladders, chandeliers, numbers or frames.

We will beat you to them anyway because we plan to get there butt crack early :)

Need a box?

16 Nov

Need a box?

I do!

I want to convert an old wooden box into a dog bowl. I am going to flip it upside down, cut a whole it in and insert a dog bowl on top. Kind of bowl caddie of sorts.

But all the ones at the flea market were $30!  Ouch!

I love my dogs but I am not paying $30 for a box I’m going to cut up.

These boxes are nice but I need to start searching elsewhere.

Give me a C!

15 Nov

Give me a C!

Ever watch 9 By Design?  It is the best design show and has inspired me personally.  9 By Design shows you can have it all.  This married couple owns a successful design company and even have seven children.  Yes, you read that right. Seven.

I can barely juggle a husband and two dogs.

The reality show follows husband and wife design team Robert and Cortney Novogratz, owners of the NYC based design firm, Sixx Design.  Cortney and Robert realized that they had a true knack for creating dream homes out of wreckage, and from that, their family business was born.

Cortney and Robert decorate spaces with rare and inspiring collectables.  The couple utilizes their signature mix of vintage and modern, and purchase items that are both high and low end. For example, a treasured family heirloom can be paired with a new piece from Ikea. Or maybe an old coffee table can be painted hot pink and make a fun addition to a girl’s bedroom.

My favorite thing 9 by Design does is design with overscaled typography.  Large random words or letters displayed on the wall.

I’m going to incorporate some typography in our home interior design.  It will give us a chance to include some industrial design that we love… on a smaller level.

Here are some I’ve come across at the flea market. I haven’t quite found what I’m looking for yet.

I’m looking for a large bright “C”!  It is the first letter of our last name.

Let’s hope they bring 9 By Design back for season 2!

My Flea Market Wish List…

14 Nov

My Flea Market Wish List…

I think we all have wish lists of things we hope to buy one day.

Mine always involve practical as well as fantasy items.  Like size zero AG jeans…even though I am not a size zero.

But none the less, I have dreamy items on my list.

Today I am headed to the monthly flea market and thought I’d share all the things I didn’t get to buy last time.

So here is my Flea Market Wish List.

Please don’t laugh because there are lots of non-sensible things on here.

And some items on my wish list require buying other things… before I can actually by them.  Makes no sense.  Am I crazy?

For example, these jars.  The pictures do not justify but they were HUGE.  Sold by Big Daddy’s antiques which has the best antiques by far at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  I wanted these jars – bad!  But I had nowhere to put them?  So I must first buy more tables to accommodate these jars.  Oh, the insanity!

Ditto with this large wooden bowl.  Also sold by Big Daddy’s antiques. I know – they have the BEST stuff!  I love this wooden bowl but again…NOWHERE to put it.  I need to buy another table before I can justify buying this bowl.

Look at this trunk.  Gorgeous. I want 10 of these.  My dillema here is that we don’t have much room for these in our house.  Buying these might require buying a new house. I don’t think my husband would be too keen on that!

Another thing is that my dogs would pee on them.  They seem to think anything sitting on the floor is a fire hydrant.

Who doesn’t love all these old soda bottles?!?  The issue is that it may not be possible to use these as soap or lotion dispensers.  Wouldn’t they look so great as dispensers in the bathroom?  I have asked and asked and everyone says it’s not possible to convert these to functioning dispensers.

If you know any secrets, please let me know!

Now, I have no reason I shouldn’t have bought this! This would have been a perfect towel hanger!!  Geez! So mad I passed on this.  If I see this today, you can bet I’ll grab it!

Ug!  Again something I erroneously passed up on! Grrr…

I love chinese stools and had never before seen any printed like this.  Red and White! Usually they are solid colors.  I always find great things but walk passed them thinking I’ll come back (because I don’t want to carry them miles and miles around at the flea market).

And what happens? At the end of the flea market, I am too tired to go back or forget where they were. These would have been perfect outside on our patio!  Boo hoo!

I LOVED this table!  But it was too expensive.  Maybe I can make something like this one day?  Just put a piece of wood on a stand?  Something like this would also look great on our patio!

Later when I got home and was looking at my pictures, I realized I missed out on this great rug.  I was so obsessed with the table I never even noticed the rug at the flea market!  How fun is that!!?  That would have matched one of our bedrooms perfectly.  I’m not afraid of color!

Saved the most delusional for last.  I sew now maybe once a month.  Maybe even once every two months.  Life and work get in the way.

But somehow I fantasize I’m going to be this hip fashion designer and design blow your mind outfits everyday.  Here is where these mannequin come in.  Wouldn’t they look unbelievable in my fantasy modern so hip and cool fashion studio? Ubber Amazing! A girl can dream!

These vintage mannequins sold by Big Daddy’s antiques of course! I heart them so much!

Do you have Wish Lists like me? Help!

At least I wasn’t crazy enough to buy these things.


The reason my husband comes with me…

13 Nov

The reason my husband comes with me…

Camera battery charged?  Check.

Comfy outfit planned?  Check.

Sunscreen packed?  Check.


Tomorrow is the Rose Bowl Flea Market!!

We have lived in our new city for a while now…  And although I don’t have a lot, I have made some new friends.   Awesome as they are…they would never have any interest going to a flea market with me.

I don’t have to worry though. I always have a flea market buddy — my husband!

It is so strange as to why my husband comes?

Going to the flea market involves strolling around for hours with tons of people in the hot sun.  But he’s there.  With bells on. I’d like to think he enjoys my terrific company but… he actually loves the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  And why?

This is why.

He loves looking at all this old industrial equipment.

I love all this industrial stuff also.

It would look really great in large loft style home.

Wouldn’t some of these industrial lights would look great in a modern living room?

These benches were made with plumbing pipes!

I sometimes wonder where did all this stuff come from?

I mainly curious as to how in the hell did the seller get these heavy things inside the flea market? This thing was HUGE. Way larger than it appears in this picture.  Train size huge!

Must have taken a crane to move it in their booth!

Maybe one day we will have a house with huge ceilings and rooms to fit some of these gigantic things!

This thing was really interesting. It was like a fishing cage, like what the Deadliest Catch guys use to catch crab.  Well a mini-version of that.  They made it into a wine holder!

Need a mailbox? he-he!

Yep, those are my husband’s sexy legs.  He was admiring things and messing up my camera shots!

I am lucky to have my flea market buddy.

I am also lucky he doesn’t read my blog or he would be embarrassed about the sexy legs bit!

I hope you have a great weekend! I’ll be sure to tell you all about mine next week!

Euro-Linens: Modern Pillows Made From Vintage Scandinavian Curtains

9 Nov

Euro-Linens: Modern Pillows Made From Vintage Scandinavian Curtains

Remember Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind?

Scarlett wasn’t just a romantic icon.  Her green dress repurposed from curtains made her a unconventional eco-friendly designer!

Well Euro-Linens has the same right idea.

I’ve raved about Euro-Linens amazing fabrics and pillows made from vintage and antique textiles before.  But I saved the best for last.

These pillows are my favorite things made by Euro-Linens.  They are modern pillows made from vintage Scandinavian curtains.  Gorgeous.

The prints are so mod and contemporary.

When you see them up close, it is hard to believe they are vintage.  Euro-Linens does an unbelievable job of restoring them.  They look brand new.

The fabric is is vibrant and plush.

The colors are bright, the texture is like velvet!  Even the backs of the pillows are beautifully accented with contrasting fabric.

If you want to see more of Euro-Linens items, you can see them every month at the Rose Bowl Flea Market or click here.

Things that make you go hmmm…

4 Nov

Things that make you go hmmm…

After scouring rows and rows of furniture and antiques at the flea market, sometimes you stumble upon a few things that seem just a little out of place.

They aren’t horrible.

Just “different”.

Sometimes they are a breath of fresh air.

Other times, just confusing.

What do you think of these?

The one that got away

28 Oct

The one that got away

I pondered over these legs forever at the flea market so confused about them.  There had to be something GENIUS they would make?!?

But no genius thoughts came.  Genius was now where in sight.

I couldn’t justify buying them.  I walked away defeated and didn’t bother asking how much they cost.

And then Carrie made her bench.  The two hour, looks so darn easy to make bench.   And then it hit me….I could have made my own bench.

Those legs would have made a killer small bench for the vanity I’m restoring!

The vanity even has claw feet!

I could have had a vanity and bench both with claw feet!!

I hate it when I miss out.  But it’s not possible to buy everything.   I guess it’s either become a hoarder or miss out on a few things. :)

Mid-century Moments

13 Oct

Mid-century Moments

When I first ventured into design, mid-century modern was my first love.  I will never forget the first time I bought Atomic Ranch magazine and flipped through the sleek minimalist designs in awe.  I love everything about it.  Clean lines.  Modernist approach.

Now that we live in California and no longer own a mid-century modern home, I have developed a deep affection for eclectic design.  But mid-century will always make my heart purr.

Here are some of my favorite mid-century items that were on display at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

Industrial Love! Printing Press Lamps

12 Oct

Industrial Love! Printing Press Lamps

Here is another great find.

The same vendor that created the wine jug lamps made these beauties…

Lamps made from printing presses.

These printing presses were originally used to make fabric and wall paper.

I love just about anything made with industrial items!

Pictures taken at the Rose Bowl Flea Market – Pasadena, CA

The big day!

11 Oct

The big day!

I had an absolutely perfect weekend!

It started off with this:

and this:

Included a trip to the Silver Lake Farmers Market for these. My flowers of choice because they dry excellent. When dried they look exactly like they do fresh.  I don’t know what kind they are so if you know, please let me know!

The big climax of the weekend was hitting the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  (Pasadena, California)

Two tickets for admission = $20.

Preferred parking fee = $15.

Parking next to the entrance gate = PRICELESS!!!!

Paying the up-charge for parking was money well spent.  There were miles of cars and walking just to get to the stadium. Add all the miles we walked in the hot sun inside the stadium and you can see why I was so thankful to snag this parking spot.

If you haven’t ever been to Pasadena before, it is a beautiful city nestled between mountains.  I call them mountains because I am from Texas.  However, you may not want to call them mountains to native Angelenos. Apparently, they consider them hills!

I love the drive to and from Pasadena (from Los Angeles).  It is a short 15 minute trip with attractive scenery along the way.  The road is elevated at a high altitude with great views below of the city of Los Angeles.

This picture isn’t that clear because it was taken with my iPhone but you can see part of downtown Los Angeles and the valley below Highway 134.

I found so many new things at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  And a couple of great ideas!  I will post and share them all soon!

What happens in Round Top…

8 Oct

What happens in Round Top…

definitely does not stay in Round Top!

Round Top weekend is one of my most favorite times of the year.  It takes a strong lead over Christmas and Thanksgiving.  I love everything about Round Top…the people, the food, the atmosphere and most of all…the finds!

The weather was absolutely amazing…low 80′s in the afternoon and cool 50′s at night.  Cool enough for a sweater and blanket outside watching the girls dance and sing.  In years past, we are sweating bullets and walking around in either mud or 100% humidity.

I really thought the girls would be bored after an hour of walking…but these little 8 years old are shoppers!  No whining, no crying…just shopping and eating and shopping and eating.

Here are some of the fun things we saw…some we bought, some we passed…others are just fun to look at.

All of the pictures were taken with my iPhone and edited with ShakeItPhoto app.  It seriously has become my newest addiction in photography.  I brought my big girl camera but at the last minute, I thought it would be fun to take vintage-looking pictures to go along with our vintage-inspired weekend!

And alot of this:

These cathedral windows started the buying frenzy!  Once one person makes a purchase, it is downhill from there.

The quick story behind the windows…usually, you can find these windows for anywhere from $65-$150 dollars each depending on the size.  I’ve wanted one for my living room for a while and almost bought one the week before I left for Round Top.  I told myself to wait until after I got back and then I could justify to myself spending that much money for one window.

So…the first place we stopped was this bling-bling, feather boa, rhinestone flip flop booth.  Totally NOT me but the girls wanted to look at some jewerly.  I walked around a corner and saw two windows sitting there.  The large one had a price of $15 and the small one had a price of $10.  My heart stopped.  I turned and ask the woman if she would take $20 for both.  She said they were not hers but would call the girl who shared the booth with her.  I heard her on the phone saying ‘okay, I’ll tell her.”  I thought for sure the windows were marked wrong.

She turns to me and says ‘she’ll take $15 for both.”

Uh. Okay.  And I looked at her like she was crazy…gave her $15…grabbed my windows…and ran like hell to my car.

My friend overhears the exchange and follows me.  She says ‘$50 is a steal for those windows!”  I told her “$15!!!!”  Her mouth dropped in total shock.  I laughed in shock.  And that is how the frenzy began.

We found some interesting signs:

And these great metal letters & numbers in beautiful colors:

Some girlie things:

I think I will make a pillow for Sweet P’s new room out of her old little Mexican dress:

These girls have a tent every year and their stuff is amazing:

I love old glass bottles like these:

A little more junk:

I really, really wanted this:

We ate dinner outside atop this old house…the best baja tacos & margaritas:

And some of our final purchases:

And this old window pane for $3 has found a home in my kitchen:

I really wanted this:

Just kidding!

Round Top really is so much fun and I can’t wait til we do it again in April!

Find a little flea market near you and share your fun with us!

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