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Silver & Dark Wood :: Two Toned Table

6 Oct

Silver & Dark Wood :: Two Toned Table

Now that Carrie and I live in the same state, we can do fun things together like refinishing furniture.  When we visited our friend Cory the other week in Dallas, we took some time to help her out with her dining room table.  Cory had previously painted the table silver but was unhappy with it.

The problems:

1) A silver table that didn’t match dark brown chairs with beige upholstery.

2) Additionally, the silver paint was lacking something. It was a dull shade, almost gray with a very monochromatic look.  The paint didn’t emphasize the details on the table and looked bland.

The solutions:

1) Make the table two-toned with a dark top to create a more cohesive look with the chairs and

2) Use glaze to give the dull silver paint a more striking effect and make the details on the table more visible and defined.

Beautiful now isn’t it?

Here’s how we did it…

First, the table was prepped by taping the edge of the table top.

Gel remover was sponge painted to the top surface.

Scraped off paint.


After all the top paint was removed, the surface was sanded to help the stain to adhere.

Dark stain was applied with sponge brushes.

While the stain was setting, we started working on the glaze.  We bought this fancy glazing brush on a whim.  However, a good ole cut up t-shirt ended up working much better.

We had Cory help us beat up the table a little more with a knife. Scraping off some of the paint helped add character to the table.

Glazed was applied all over the bottom of the table and very liberally in all groves and detailed lines.

The excess stain was wiped off the top.

Here are the results – a pretty two-toned table!

The glaze really made an impact.  Here is another picture of the Before.

Here’s the After.

The glaze brought out the silver tones in the paint and emphasized the detailed features that previously went unnoticed.

Carrie and I are going to start taking on interior design and furniture restoration jobs soon. I guess you could say Cory was our first client!!

However, considering she paid us with goat cheese, wine and petit fours…

…maybe not?! Oh well, that  meant more to us anyway!

What do you think of the two-toned look?  Do you have anything you want to refinish the same way?





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DIY :: Making furniture new again…with stain. (Before & After Outdoor Patio Set)

30 Jun

DIY :: Making furniture new again…with stain. (Before & After Outdoor Patio Set)

The last few weeks I saw about a billion things on craigslist being given away – for FREE.  Not junk either.  Great amazing things including a fabulous ornate Spanish desk, industrial vintage factory cart and huge 8 foot farmhouse table.  FREE!!!! Can you believe??  I whined and sulked because both my husband and I own cars that have almost zero hauling capacity. Neither one of our back seats fold down which means our trunk space hauling area is the size of a peanut.

So..all those amazing things that were free on craigslist were out of my reach.   I contemplated renting a truck or paying movers but the cost of that wasn’t in my budget right now.  And it kind of defeats the purpose of getting it for free, ya’ know?

I soon quit whining because I realized this obstacle was a blessing in disguise.  There are so many home improvement and old unfinished projects left yet to complete at our house.  My garage is stuffed with old supplies that need to be used up along with half finished furniture.  Not to mention about 50 home improvement projects we need to finish. I should be focusing on that instead of stuffing my garage with more projects.

This teak patio set is one of those old projects.  I got this from craigslist at least one year ago and since that time, it has sat ugly and unused on a patio area located on the right side of our home.

The table set and patio area are so hideous we never spend any time there except walking briskly by as we pass through.  Also check out the fence in the background – yuck isn’t it? Well, I’ll tell you more about that later too.

Welcome stain to the rescue!


It’s been a while since I used stain and I forget how miraculously it can bring new life to dead pieces.

I had almost a full can of stain leftover from another project – Varathane “Early American”.  A little stain goes a long way and this small can was just enough to cover the table and all four chairs with almost two coats. I painted one thick coat and then painted a selective second coat only on areas that needed to be touched up.

Before staining, the entire patio set was given a quick sand with this sanding pad.  The sanding job was so quick it took less than 10 minutes.  I wanted to lightly roughen up the surface to help the stain adhere.


After sanding, the dust was brushed off with a small hand held brush and then wiped off with a damp rag to help ensure the smaller particles were removed.

Next the stain was applied very liberally with a foam paint brush.  The stain was layered on thick because the wood on the patio set was very dry and I wanted the stain to soak in well.  Applying the stain was such a rewarding experience because within minutes glorious results were achieved.


It is shocking how new the old wood now looks.

Here is a before and after comparison of the first chair that was completed.  Such a difference, don’t you agree?

After staining, the the entire set was painted with polyurethane outdoor sealer.  I never use sealer anymore for indoor furniture (I prefer oil and wax).  I think sealer is a little outdated and changes the color and effect of the stain.  However, on outdoor items sealer is a necessity. Without sealant, the outdoor elements like sun and rain will weather and wear out the furniture’s surface faster.

I am so glad I started working on all my old projects. My house is really coming together now! I have completed so much and even stained that fence that was in the background (which I will share the “how-to” with you soon!).  Maybe soon, I’ll start on that closet full of old sewing projects!

Do you have old projects you have been piling up?





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Sights in the City: Grass Stools & Furniture Made From Stacked Wood

31 May

Sights in the City: Grass Stools & Furniture Made From Stacked Wood

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Memorial Day!  We spent it relaxing and also celebrating my husband’s birthday.  His birthday is actually today but might as well celebrate for several days and have an entire birthday weekend right?  :)

We also spent part of the weekend in beautiful Santa Monica checking out the The Market located above Santa Monica’s open air Third Street Promenade.

Santa Monica Third Street Promenade View From Above


The Market is a new (just opened last week!) gourmet showroom that houses and impressive array of artisan shops, restaurants and boutiques.

The market is designed to feel like a conventional farmer’s market.  And…the best part is everything is LOCAL.  All locally made food and home goods. No Starbucks here.  Just wonderful creations made by artists and companies that live in the area.  It’s quite an impressive contrast compared to typical mall food court concepts.



We tasted lots of amazing locally made food (especially coffee, chocolate and cheese! )….BUT the wanna be interior designer in me couldn’t help but focus in on the decor and furniture.

Like these stools made from artificial grass.  It is funky but fun!


The Market 3rd Street Promenade Artificial Grass Stools in a row

This would be a great concept for a children’s room!  There are so many creative things that could be done with this. It would be easy to keep clean and durable!  Do you have a worn out chair?  Maybe an old Papasan chair from college sitting in your garage? Cover the cushion with grass!

And check out these counters made from stacked wood.  This would be great as a desk utilizing reclaimed wood.  The different colors of wood and the varying lengths really capture attention.

They also had some coffee bag shopping totes!  Oh how I still love love love coffee bags….

What did you think of The Market?

Traveling In Style – Campaign Furniture

8 Mar

Traveling In Style – Campaign Furniture

My husband complains about the amount of luggage I pack when traveling.  He hates lugging around all my bags.   Somehow he is able to easily fit all his necessities into one little carry on… and doesn’t understand why I need to check several bags (of what he refers to as “junk“).

Boy, he has no idea how lucky he has it because people in the old days used to really travel in style….with furniture!

Just when I think I have seen it all, I stumble upon a new delight like Campaign Furniture. I have no idea where this furniture has been hiding all my life but I can’t wait to get my hands on some.

Campaign furniture has clean lines with a simple military”ish” flat design…yet it’s still got flair and pizazz with it’s brassy hardware.  What is distinguishing about campaign furniture is that it designed with a flat exterior to be very durable and resistant against damage usually caused in traveling. It also includes corner hardware designed to protect the corners and pull handles for ease in carrying.

For those history buffs, according to Wikepedia, Campaign furniture is a type of furniture that was made for travel. Much of it was made for military campaigns and includes folding chairs and chests that could be easily unscrewed and packed.

Campaign furniture, designed to be folded up, packed, and carried on the march, has been used by traveling armies since the time of Julius Caesar, and even earlier. With the rise and expansion of the British Empire in the eighteenth and early 19th centuries, as British gentlemen came to dominate the army, government and commerce in colonies throughout the world, the finest British furniture makers produced for this new class of traveler some of the most stylish pieces of portable furniture ever made.

British officers of high social position in the Georgian and Victorian periods (1714–1901) took it for granted that when they set out on a military campaign in Africa or India they could enjoy the same standard of living as they did at home. While “under canvas,” as life in camp was called, an officer and a gentleman assured himself a high degree of comfort by using specially designed pieces of campaign, or knock-down, furniture.

Here is another example of campaign furniture.

Here are some campaign furniture pieces that have received a modern face lifts.

Beautiful in white:

(Sorry, I don’t remember where I found this picture! If you know who needs credit, please let me know) :)

Kelly green console by Vanessa De Vargas featured in Lonny:

Little Green Notebook’s beautiful dresser restoration. (She even show’s a how to of how she did it here)

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