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Friday Favorite :: Apartment Freakin’ Therapy!!!

10 Feb

Seriously the coolest thing to happen lately…

Apartment Therapy featuring our Ballard Design bench.

Unfreakin’ believable.

Thank you Apartment Therapy!  Now we are off to celebrate with some wine coolers.

Check our feature here!!

Happy Friday everyone!!


Carrie and Angie

Tuesday DIY :: Whipperberry {Pendant Light}

24 Jan

Totally loving this pendant light from Heather @ Whipperberry.

Totally something I want to do in my kitchen.

Here’s the lowdown on how Heather did it:

To begin you need to drill a hole into the bottom of your basket.  For this project my SWEET brother-in-law came over and helped.  He is BRILLIANT when it comes to anything around the home.  He used the step drill to drill the hole in the metal at the bottom of the basket…

The step drill in a fabulous tool to help you slowly and carefully create the proper size whole that you will need.  We also drilled it in a box to minimize metal shavings flying all over the garage.


It was amazing how slick the step drill was.  As you can see the edges were pretty rough so he filed down the edges with a round metal file…

Place the clamp connector into the hole and secure…


Cut the plug off the pendant light and feed the cable through the clamp.  Secure the clamp and voila… you have yourself your very own cage pendant light.

Now I don’t plan on posting about how to hardwire this to your electrical system, because quite frankly I am not an electrician.  I would recommend that you have someone who knows what they are doing hard wire your lights into your system.  I will post some suggestions on how to place your light or lights soon.  I made a set of three lights in order to create a fun pendant cluster to put over my kitchen table.

Looks pretty simple, right? I think so!

Have an awesome Tuesday, friends! Angie’s here tomorrow with a great recipe…can’t wait!


DIY Feature :: PB&J Stories

17 Jan

We have a little infatuation with Pamela from PB&J Stories.  Not only is she super cute, she’s super creative.

Check out this truck:

Turned into this:


You can read all about the details here.  It’s such a fantastic idea…my husband has an old trunk in the garage.  I wonder if he’ll let me have it??

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!  I’ll be seeing Angie this weekend in San Antonio!  I have conference there on Friday and my hubs and kiddos are coming along for the ride.  Can’t wait to her and give Angie her very belated birthday gift!  She already knows what it is, and I’m positive she’ll have some amazing projects to share using it!



Guest Post :: PB&J Stories

21 Dec

Come visit us at PB&J Stories today!  Our sweet friend, Pamela, is flying with a 3 year old to visit her family for the Christmas.  Pamela’s husband is currently deployed and we are so happy she’ll be home for the holidays!  And…her sweet baby boy will get some SNOW for Christmas!

Stop by and say HI!!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Angie and Carrie

She Made It {Thursday}

27 Oct

We haven’t featured any cool projects in awhile and this project is well deserving!!

This sweet blog, PB&J Stories and our friend behind it, Pamela, is so fun and extremely talented.

My mouth dropped last week when she showed us this:

Which she made.  All by herself.  With her own little hands.

I absolutely love the print.  In fact, Hobby Lobby carries artwork similar, on metal, and its about $70. I’ve talked myself out of it for Bubbie’s room for months.

I wish Pamela lived closer so I steal hers! HA!

Stop by PB&J stories!  Pamela is so much fun!!

Happy Thursday, friends!

Do you have a project you want us to feature??  Send us an email!!  angie@221vision.com or carrie@221vision.com



Guest Post {SAS Interiors}

3 Aug

Guest Post {SAS Interiors}

While our bloggy friend, Jenna, is away on vacation with her precious family, we are over at her blog today….

SAS Interiors

See what we have to say about vintage finds and funky fabric!

Jenna is so cute, upbeat, completely organized, and is becoming a fun friend for Angie and I in blogland!

Since there is no What’s for Dinner today, I’d thought I share one readers worst dinner disaster after my disgusting Turkey Meatloaf

Ham Loaf anyone??

Thanks for sharing your worst dinner disasters…I think the ham loaf beats my turkey meatloaf.

And tomorrow, Angie has a pretty awesome story to tell….


Angie & Carrie


Blog Hop :: SAS Interiors

26 May

Today Angie and I are sharing our favorite spray painting tips with Jenna at SAS Interiors.  We first met Jenna a few months ago and our blog friendship has grown.  SAS Interiors is based in Saratoga Springs, New York…which is where my parents live, and I adore Saratoga Springs.  It is a beautiful place to visit and to live so I was instantly drawn to SAS Interiors.

SAS Interiors

When Jenna asked Angie and I to give our best tips, we were so excited and loved sharing our different points of view on spray paint techniques.  That’s the joy of writing this blog together…getting two tips for the price of one!

You can check out all of Jenna’s tips from different bloggers here…and tell Jenna hi too!


Carrie & Angie

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