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Happy Friday :: Round Top Recap Part II

6 Apr

What makes me happy today?  All the things Carrie and I bought and witnessed at Round Top this week!

I am  a little embarrassed to publish this post because my pictures are not as pretty the ones Carrie posted yesterday.  Carrie took great pictures and even used a cool photo app.  Carrie is straight up awesome! Um…well…I didn’t carry my weight as a co-blogger at Round Top. I was quite lazy and maybe a little too excited to be at Round Top to focus straight.  Sorry about that! Maybe you’ll forgive me because the things I am about to show you are way cool (even despite the bad photography.)    :)

Here’s are all the amazing junk I think you’ll love to see!  So many fantastic ideas and lots of inspiration.

So here ya go…enjoy!

How lovely is that turquoise clock?  And what about the color combination with the bright couch and cushions?


More crazy bright color…look at this chair. Orange has always been one of my favorite colors and it’s really bold and nice here mixed with the dark upholstery.

I believe Carrie said these chairs were being replicated now by Pottery Barn. I forgot what style the vendor said they were called.  These chairs are actually replicas also and made to look old.  A couple of vendors at Round Top do replicas of just about everything and make it look like antiques.  Although I love the style and they look amazing…think I’d prefer to actually have originals.

Necklaces made from cut up license plates.

I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time to use as a jewelry case.  What they did here was creative..basically they used an old window frame and then built a base and stand for it.  I thought long and hard about buying this but I have no where it will fit in my house. And my mom has a ton of old windows so if I ever do find a place, I think I’ll try to make something similar myself.

Flattened and stamped silverware.  I’ve been wanting to learn how to do this.  I saw a tutorial on another blog and it looks pretty easy. Maybe one day! :)

Painted croquet balls?  Just decoration?  Pretty whatever they are!

The picture doesn’t justify but this chair was gorgeous with beautiful green upholstery with grey accents.

Antique corrugated metal used as a cabinet base.

Carrie had a great idea for this old industrial antique – use as a coffee cup holder.

I really wanted to buy one of these old oil lights…

Old pot strainer holder made into a light fixture.

Lots of pretty glass items.


These are old antique metal tiles that would be beautiful used as ceiling tiles.  Some were even painted and even more lovely.

This is a table with a steel top.  I’d love to know where or how it can be done because I have a wood table that would be perfect topped in steel like this. It would give my table a nice industrial look and be very durable.  There is no way a steel top like this could get messed up with crafts, cooking or any other type of heavy messy work.

Another one of my favorite things in the world…typography!!!  These were especially nice because they were giant numbers.

An interesting military style case.

These are lamp shades made with a burlap type material.  They probably produce nice ambient light.

Handbags made from coffee bags.

This was a long industrial table with iron cylinders on the top.

Quite a bit going on in this picture but if you look at the top, you’ll see an old fan made into a light.

Old pieces of metal cut into arrows.

An industrial material converted into a planter.

I had no where to put these giant antique fuel pumps (nor the money to afford them) but I loved them!

Lots of good ideas right?  Want to know what I bought?  Stay tuned Monday! :)


DIY Aiden Gray Laundry Basket

28 Feb

Don’t you love Aiden Gray? I love all their vintage French inspired decor and have especially eyed this laundry basket for a long time.

Now thanks to Katie Steuernagle with Apartment Therapy, it’s possible to make a pretty close replica for $20. I don’t believe Katie made this to resemble Aiden Gray’s version but it would be close enough if the word “Laundry” was stenciled on. And not to mention a huge savings since Aiden Gray’s basket cost $252 plus shipping and tax.

The process looks easy to make with galvanized steel wire fencing.

You can check out Katie’s full tutorial with pictures here:



Monday Inspiration

30 Jan

Carrie’s inspiration:


Bright, vibrant color.

For my outfits and my home. Little pops of color as we roll into spring.

I love this from J. Crew Spring 2012:


Annie Sloan’s has a gorgeous red chalk paint, Emperor’s Silk, which is the most beautiful red paint. The perfect mix of red with blue and orange. I’d love a red piece like this:


Loving these orange bar stools:

This painting is stunning:

Source: brabournefarm.blogspot.com via Carrie@2friends2cities on Pinterest

And this bright graphic print to start the week positive:


Angie’s inspriration this week:

My inspiration this week all comes from the amazing Donna Rullo.  My meeting with Donna last week was so insightful.  I can’t wait to share and show you all the things we are going to make for the coffee shop.

I don’t have many pictures because these decor and furniture items haven’t been created yet so you’ll have to use your imagination with me to envision what will be!

There are so many ideas Donna shared with me it was overwhelming. I’ll start sharing two with you here now. Then I’ll be working like mad over the next two months trying to complete them so that we can get our coffee shop up and running in April.  And of course, I’ll share all these projects with you along the way.

1) First and foremost, Donna is going to help us merge all our styles in the coffee shop together.  Before we met Donna, we had already been buying things we liked and wanted to install in our coffee shop.  The problem is the styles aren’t currently cohesive with each other.  We’ve bought furniture and decor from three different design styles: industrial, mid-century and classical antiques.

I wish I had pictures to show you of a table we purchased but the lighting was dark in our coffee shop so I’ll have to post one later (the city has not turned on the electricity yet!) .   Most of the furniture we are putting in the coffee shop will be small but we want at least one large table to serve as a community area for people to share which will also allow a large party to sit together. The table we found is beautiful and big – approximately 3’8″ by 7′.    The table is ornate on the bottom having two large engraved legs – one on each side.  The table is all wood and a medium dark shade of brown. I want to use the new chalk paint Carry bought me to paint the legs.

I thought bright paint would emphasize the beautiful legs and the blue color would help integrate the other mid-century colored furniture that will be in the coffee shop.  But…Donna had another idea to really make the table fuse with our three styles.   Donna suggested we install industrial metal on top.  The metal top will be more durable and easier to clean as opposed to leaving the top wood.  And now the table will contain three of the styles we are going for: a) the table was already classic antique b) painting the legs will make it cohesive with the other furnitures’ mid-century colors and c) the metal top will go with the other industrial things also. Genius.

2) I had never met with a designer before so I wasn’t sure what to bring to the meeting.  And the coffee shop is basically an empty space right now so there isn’t much to work with.  So I did what I could to prepare for the meeting by saving pictures of things I found and liked from the internet and also took pictures of things I already owned (that’s currently stuffed like sausage in our home garage!).  Donna is so talented she immediately made something out of nothing. What I really loved was she used things we had to create new things.  She looked at the pictures of  things we already owned and created new ideas for them.  One of which was this pallet.

I originally had plans of using pallet wood to help create an industrial decor by using the pallets as shelving or wall covering.  Donna had a better idea. Donna wants to take this pallet and make it a large light chandelier. It will hang over the large community table with chains and look something like this.

That’s just a little teaser. There are so many  more ideas from Donna! I’d better get to work!

By the way, if you read my post the other day about Donna, please check it out again. I added at least 10 more pictures of Donna’s amazing design creations..most of which Donna made herself including huge faux yarn balls and a large bird cage attached to the wall stuffed with vintage book pages.

What are you inspired by this week?

Fate, Estate sales and the amazing designer… Donna Rullo

26 Jan

Fate, Estate sales and the amazing designer… Donna Rullo

Those three things all magically collided this last weekend.  When Carrie was in town visiting, we decided to go to a few estate sales together.  There weren’t many estate sales going on this weekend so by fate, I happened to drive to an estate sale that I assumed was a misprint in the paper.  You see, the week before I had gone to an estate sale on Ridgemont Ave… and I thought the paper had the same Ridgemont Ave. estate sale listed again by error.  Good thing we chanced it because it was a new estate sale across the street!

When Carrie and I walked in the house, we were stunned and froze where we stood.

We saw things like this…

Things like this…

And this.

That’s because this estate sale wasn’t a typical.  The estate sale was for a house that had been professionally staged by the amazing Donna Rullo.  I don’t know who wouldn’t want to buy this house after seeing how Donna decorated it! I am still in awe!

Donna is not only insanely talented but she is also one of the most charitable people I’ve ever met.  She started H.O.P.E., a charity that assists and educates children in need in Africa. I can’t articulate enough how inspirational Donna is.  Everyone really needs to check out H.O.P.E. here and find out more.

Donna also did something I will forever be in debt for.  When she heard we were opening a coffee shop, she offered to help design our coffee shop for free and also helped get our future coffee shop promotional exposure at a fashion show she is having February 9th.  Our coffee shop isn’t even open yet and we are already getting the word out!!

Donna is meeting me for lunch today to discuss design plans for the coffee shop.  I am so giddy with excitement!!

If you look at all the following creations (all Donna’s!!) shown below, you will see why I am so excited she is going to help us with our coffee shop.

This is a large bird cage attached to the wall. It’s filled with beautiful vintage pages from an old book.

Decorated antique luggage.

This chandelier was made by Donna.  Circles painted on the ceiling with large round lights hanging from it.


Mannequin covered in buttons and bling!

Donna is not only a gifted designer but she’s also an artist.  Many of the beautiful paintings shown here, are her works of art.


Love this and had never seen it before! Colorful lamp shades hung randomly together in an area of the room.


These are faux yarn spools.  Donna took croquet sticks and wrapped yarn around them.  The sticks appear to have a massive amount of yarn on them but hidden underneath is styrofoam… so only a small amount of yard was used.


This was a fun room with cowboy decor.  There are even small chairs actually attached to the wall.

We bought these chairs for our coffee shop. The orange pillows on top were handmade by Donna.

Guitars covered in buttons. 


Don’t you love Donna’s creative style!?

- Angie

What’s On Our Minds??

16 Jan

Carrie’s inspiration this week:


I want to makeover my very tiny laundry room. I spend way too much time in there as it is and I’d really like to have a fun, little room. It’s a constant source of traffic, from shoes to backpacks, washing to folding, and kenneling up sweet Bella.

I have a couple ideas and my first thought is to switch out the door. I’d like something interesting with maybe glass on the top half of the door. Or something distressed and rustic to offset my matte black pantry door on the other side of the kitchen.

I could totally distress the current door to save money but I’m not a fan of the panels.  I want something with a little more character, a little fancier.

Source: theinspiredroom.net via Casey on Pinterest


What do you think? Spice up of the laundry room door??

Do you want to see what my laundry room looks like right now?  Be afraid, be very afraid….

Angie’s inspiration this week:

Memory Jars

I discovered these memory jars on Pinterest this week and my mind has been racing with ideas on how to replicate these for our home.  What an innovative modern take on the old concept of shadow boxes.  So many options to play with including different shapes, sizes and colors of glass.

 (Courtesy of Pinterest)

I adore the idea of using jars instead of deep picture frames to capture memories.  The jar symbolizes a little world where you can picture yourself back in time and get a rush of pleasure remembering how happy you felt and the good times experienced there.

Using jars to capture vacation memories touches my heart.  If you have followed our blog, you know I used to live in Mexico and part of me always wishes we were still there.   You also might remember my husband and I cashed in our life savings last year and bought a vacation home in Ixtapa-Zihautanejo, Mexico. I am thinking of making a memory jar as a reminder of our times in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo filling it with sand, driftwood, seashells and pictures.  These wouldn’t be just objects… looking at them will take us back in time with where we’ll visualize our long morning walks on the beach, the hours we spent hunting for seashells and the excitement we felt the time we discovered baby sea turtles.

(Courtesy of Pinterest)

If you’ve lived in different places, making jars for each city or house would be another idea.  I could make a jar for the years we lived in Los Angeles, Texas (Austin and San Antonio) and Mexico City.   I think it is something that would bring happiness to not only myself but my husband as well.  And it would be a compelling conversation piece for guests that come over.

Here are more ideas for memory jars:

Making one for each year or a period in time.

 (Courtesy of Pinterest)

Jaden, with Steamy Kitchen,  jots down memories as they happen throughout the year on colorful post-its in her memory jar.  This is a quick and much easier than keeping a journal!

And Brooke, with Inchmark, probably has the sweetest memory jar.  Brooke writes down funny or sweet things her children say.  Children always say the funniest things and as hilarious as the statement was…it’s easy to forget a day or year later.  Now Brooke’s children’s phrases are captured forever in her memory jar.

What do you think of these ideas and what’s on your mind this week?

Transit Chair by Boris Bally

23 Aug

Transit Chair by Boris Bally

I would love to have a couple of these chairs made from recycled street signs.

American artist Boris Bally’s Transit Chairs are both witty and innovative.  The transformation of  recycled street signs celebrate a raw American street-aesthetic. The unique markings and patina were earned on the road. Created with the precision of Boris’ skill as a sculptor, jeweler and industrial designer, the pure lines of the chairs and tables perfectly offset the graphics of the recycled signage.

Each edge is rounded to a smooth finish. Transit chairs and tables are made individually (based on current signage stock) in Boris’ studio,

NO two are alike.

The stainless steel hardware is rust proof. Recycled champagne corks inserted on the bottom of all chair and table legs protect floors and provide added stability.

I personally love the creativity and the bright colors but I can see how they might be a little flashy for some.

What do you think of these?

To find out more or purchase, Transit furniture can be bought at Outdoorz Gallery.

Happy Weekend – Starting Early at the Roosevelt Hotel

7 May

Happy Weekend – Starting Early at the Roosevelt Hotel

Happy weekend everyone!  I hope you are having a great one.

My friend Dave and I started our weekend off early with brunch at the Roosevelt Hotel.

We sipped on Bloody Mary’s and shared a salad and cheese plate while soaking in some sun at the Roosevelt’s pool.  A lot of people may not know it but it’s possible to have breakfast, lunch or dinner poolside.  And the pool is incredible – beautiful design with a view of the mountains in the background.  I am not sure if you are supposed to hang out in the pool if you aren’t staying at the hotel – but we do!! :)

We swam for hours and caught some rays.  Here is a picture of the pool taken with my favorite iPhone photo application – Hipstamatic.

If you are ever in Los Angeles, the Roosevelt Hotel is a must.  It is rich with celebrity history and was the home of the first ever Academy Awards. Located on Hollywood Blvd, it one of the most historic sites on the “Boulevard” that still preserves some of the glamour that was once Hollywood.  For more information on the Roosevelt, click here.

I hope you enjoy your weekend and have a Happy Mother’s Day!  Since my mom lives in another state, I miss her terribly.

If you are fortunate enough to be near your mom – spoil her! :)

Introducing :: Styrofoam Art

29 Apr

Introducing :: Styrofoam Art

When we lived in Mexico a few years ago, we traveled there with very little.

Since we were only planning to live in Mexico one year, we just took the essentials and mostly bought temporary things in Mexico to live with.

Our house there was pretty small but how I loved it and the experience so.  We were lucky because our house was furnished…we just need to decorate and add our little touch to make it “home”.

I discovered this piece of art in a gallery in Mexico City and feel in LOVE.

I adored the bright color and the imagery.  It had a sense of happiness to it that made me feel good inside.  After we left the gallery, I thought about the painting for days. By thought, I really mean obsessed.

I could not get the thought of it and the image out of my head.

About a week of suffering later, I went back and bought it.  It cost the equivalent of $300 US dollars.  It wasn’t the wisest thing to do since we incurred large expenses getting settled in Mexico.  And…I KNEW when I bought it that there was a very high probability (99.99999999%) chance that I would never get to take it with me back to the states when we left Mexico.

It was a huge wasteful splurge and completely out of character for me.   Especially because, I knew it was made of Styrofoam.  STYROFOAM —A thin sheet of Styrofoam!

I had never seen or heard of such a thing!

How fragile, how crazy….

Why on earth would someone have ever painted on a Styrofoam?

But I didn’t care. I loved it and enjoyed it immensely that year.

Here it is hanging in our old house in Mexico City.


Thinking of those times in Mexico and looking at these pictures brings back such great memories!

Living in another country for a year was a surge of new experiences.


The sights, the food, the language, the culture!


Oh, to do it all over again!  A girl can dream…

Fast forward one year later, my husband’s job moved us back to the US and I had to leave my beautiful Styrofoam art masterpiece behind.  I almost gave it away to someone.  But something in me knew that maybe…just maybe I might see it again.  So instead of giving it way, I tried to try to save it.

And I did see it again. It is very long and crazy story with lots of turns and twists.  The simple version is I begged to stuff my beloved orange art in a someone’s basement (some of my husband’s family lives in Mexico City).  And there in a huge dark damp basement it sat for two years buried behind a billion boxes and unused furniture stacked up to the ceiling.

By a stroke of luck, I knew someone who was moving some things from Mexico City to the US and I begged (I am not above begging!) for them to please move my art with their belongings.  Not only did they agree but they kindly also went to that basement and spent hours digging behind boxes and furniture to find it.

And here it is now.  In my home in Los Angeles.


Funny that something so delicate –a flat thin piece of Styrofoam — has made it so far.

It has withstood years of damp conditions in a basement, several location transports, two countries and 2200 miles.

For a thing considered fragile, it has actually proven to be quite tough and resilient.  And a nice thing about it is that it is incredibly lightweight.  I can hold it up and dangle it on one finger!

I just received my baby back after all these years and miles.  It temporarily sits above a worktable where I work on craft projects.

I am soon going to make a special place for it in our dining room.

I love my orange foam baby and now that I have it, I am at peace again.  :)

Have you ever seen styrofoam art like this before?  What do you think about it?

UPDATE:   Thanks to reader Sandy for  helping me realize something I had omitted earlier.  The reason we could not take this piece of art with us from Mexico was basically due to money.  When we moved back from Mexico we had a lot of things to bring back with us. Our personal belongings like computers and clothes were very expensive to ship back. Since we had a limited budget, trying to find a shipping container and pay for shipping for this large piece of art was not in our budget. Also shipping from Mexico is not very reliable and customs fees and forms (especially for art) can be complicated and expensive.

Sights in the City – Anthropology at the Americana

13 Mar

Sights in the City – Anthropology at the Americana

More about the Americana!

And one of my new favorite places on earth – Anthropology.

Here are some of the beauties and inspiration I found there.

I’ll start off with my favorite!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this dresser.  TYPOGRAPHY – Hello!!!  This would be so easy to make and would make a dramatic statement in a room!

A chair made with a vintage station sign.  I’ve seen ottomans similar to this at Juxtaposition.  I posted pictures of them before and you can see them again here.

Sometimes the simplest things can make such a difference.  This was a candle that would have been fine just displayed alone on a table.  But Anthropology added a twist…they put it in a jar and surrounded it with rocks.  It adds a different effect and is also less hazardous.

Here’s another simple idea.  Have some house plants that are potted in ugly cheap plastic containers?  You know the plastic ones they come in when you buy them — and then you are too lazy like me to replant them?  Well…just put them in a burlap bag.  Genius!  And looks great!

Lastly, some colorful ottomans and pillows.  Pretty pretty!

Sights in the City – Vera Bradley at the Americana

11 Mar

Sights in the City – Vera Bradley at the Americana

Stopped in the Vera Bradley store at the wonderful Americana at Brand in Glendale. I really enjoy going to the Americana at Brand.  It’s so similar to The Grove but quaint and not so many people.

There was lots of pretty stuff at Vera Bradley.

I really loved this animal print chair done in blue.

Another one of my fave’s was this red glossy mirror.  Isn’t the blue plaid wall interesting! I don’t think I’d want it in my house but makes a great display and contrasts well against the red mirror.

Tons of fabric purses and bags.

More bags and a tufted chair.

Fabric bag made to hold a laptop computer.

And a very girly hand painted dresser.

Call Me Crazy :: Kitchen Seating Idea

1 Mar

Call Me Crazy :: Kitchen Seating Idea

I’ve been tossing around the idea of a little unconventional seating in the breakfast area of my kitchen.

I have a formal dining area right off the kitchen with a square black table and a breakfast area that hosts a large black rectangle farmhouse table.

The formal dining area gets most of the ‘eating’ time…and the breakfast area gets most of the grocery bags, book bags, dog leash, sewing machine and everything else that makes it way into the house.

I don’t like it either.  We spend so much time in our kitchen and I really want a sitting/eating area that makes me happy.

So I was thinking over the weekend while Sweet P and my husband were camping with their little daddy/daughter group…

What about something ‘different’ in my kitchen?

What about a sitting area rather than a traditional table and chairs?

I thought a traditional sitting area with a low table might work…but then I scratched that idea.

Then I thought about a small couch with round table and my old ladderback chairs…

And then Monday I received my daily dose of Houzz in my inbox and found this gem:

I love EVERYTHING about this…the settee…the wicker…the iron.

This is what I want.  I must recreate this…somehow, someway.

Please help.  My husband and friends thought I’d lost it when I painted the kitchen island turquoise…they are really going to commit me when I put a couch in the kitchen.

What do you think…should I do it?

New Discovery: Viva Terra

25 Feb

New Discovery: Viva Terra

Dear Viva Terra,

Where have you been all my life?  You are without a doubt my new favorite store.

You had me at hello with this coffee bag chair. It was the first thing that flashed in front of me when I stumbled upon your website.  Love at first sight. Nothing better than a coffee sack cushioned chair to help satisfy my never ending obsession with coffee bags.  Great simple but sleek design.

And then you sealed the deal with these patchwork chairs.

Wow – tightly woven rags made into colorful stools and chairs.

And…. poufs!  Love poufs!

I love saying the word “poufs” even more.  Poufs! Poufs! Poufs!

Gigantic woven felts poufs.

These poufs are woven felt made to look like stones.

Here is more felted wool that looks like stones made into a rug.

I love you Viva Terra!

If you want to love more of Viva Terra, check out their website at www.vivaterra.com

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