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Transit Chair by Boris Bally

23 Aug

Transit Chair by Boris Bally

I would love to have a couple of these chairs made from recycled street signs.

American artist Boris Bally’s Transit Chairs are both witty and innovative.  The transformation of  recycled street signs celebrate a raw American street-aesthetic. The unique markings and patina were earned on the road. Created with the precision of Boris’ skill as a sculptor, jeweler and industrial designer, the pure lines of the chairs and tables perfectly offset the graphics of the recycled signage.

Each edge is rounded to a smooth finish. Transit chairs and tables are made individually (based on current signage stock) in Boris’ studio,

NO two are alike.

The stainless steel hardware is rust proof. Recycled champagne corks inserted on the bottom of all chair and table legs protect floors and provide added stability.

I personally love the creativity and the bright colors but I can see how they might be a little flashy for some.

What do you think of these?

To find out more or purchase, Transit furniture can be bought at Outdoorz Gallery.

Style Watch:: Painted and Stenciled Floors

5 Jul

Style Watch:: Painted and Stenciled Floors

The thing I love most about DIY projects are that most of the time, things can be done very cheap.  That is a good considering my decor tastes are always changing.

Case in point: our hardwood floors.  Recently I have been aching to paint my floors white.  Something like these floors shown on Bradford Ave:

However, I can’t justify painting them white since we just paid gobs of money to contractors (when we bought our house a year and a half ago) to have the carpet removed and the wood floors underneath refinished and stained a dark espresso color.

Here are they are now, which is quite pretty.

I do still love the dark floors in our house (and it is so much better than the carpet that was there before) but I really wish I could play around and paint at least one room white.  BUT, there is no way that I am going to paint the floor after we paid contractors so much money to make them brown.  Oh how I wish I had gone the DIY route the first time around and refinished the floors myself so that I wouldn’t feel so guilty about changing them!

Have you ever done something like that?  Bought something and then never changed it or got rid of it because you felt guilty about what you spent?

I do like our dark floors but sometimes I just want to have some fun with change.  And the urge hit me again when I saw these stenciled and painted floors today on pinterest!


Ashley floor stencil picture curtesy of  Design Sponge


Cheery yellow stenciled floor by Paisley Wallpaper


Green stencil by Sunny’s Paint


Blue stencil by Sunny’s Paint

Blue and white chevron floors by Mary McDonald

Green square stencil by Sunny’s Paint

Striped rainbow floors at Kate Spade.  This is actually vinyl tape, not paint which is a good temporary fix!  Maybe I’ll do something like this in the future and not permanently change the wood.

What do you think of these painted floors?  Would you ever paint your floors white or any of these bold colors?

Bambina Love on Etsy

2 Jun

Bambina Love on Etsy

I dived into Etsy for the first time today and it was love at first sight.

After I set up my account, Etsy was kind enough to recommend selected handmade items.  The first thing Etsy suggested were these scrabble pillows by Bambina.  Great choice.  How did Etsy know me so well already?


I am in already head over heels in love with Bambina creations.

The Bambina store is owned by Cheryl who designs beautiful objects with spunk and sass.  Cheryl’s items are unique with amazing craftsmanship.

Here is what Cheryl has to say about her designs:

“I started Bambina when I was in college getting a degree in fashion design. I’ve been sewing all my life and love it. I’m always thinking about bags and enjoy creating items from a simple sketch to the completed design. Like chocolate, they are my addiction. A deliciously sweet obsession.”

Here are some of my Bambina favorite‘s.

Union Jack Cushion/Pillow – Silk Shantung: You don’t have to be British to love this Union Jack cushion!  Made from silk shantung and sequins the pillow comes with a removable fibre poly filling.

Chandelier Berri Leather Phone and Gadget Case : Deliciously soft Italian lamb’s leather the Berri Case comes with chandelier transfer. It’s perfect for your phone and even has a handy little pocket in front that’s great for storing your transportation cards, credit cards, business cards, cash or ID.  It takes up so little space it’s easy to carry.

Alex Pleated Leather Pouch: Deliciously soft Italian lambskin leather pouch is perfectly roomy with pleated detailing. Great for your ipod,change, credit cards, mobile phone, lipstick or anything else you can think of. Use it as a mini make up bag, wallet clutch or purse.


To buy or see more Bambina creations, check out Cheryl’s Etsy store here.


Sights in the City: Grass Stools & Furniture Made From Stacked Wood

31 May

Sights in the City: Grass Stools & Furniture Made From Stacked Wood

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Memorial Day!  We spent it relaxing and also celebrating my husband’s birthday.  His birthday is actually today but might as well celebrate for several days and have an entire birthday weekend right?  :)

We also spent part of the weekend in beautiful Santa Monica checking out the The Market located above Santa Monica’s open air Third Street Promenade.

Santa Monica Third Street Promenade View From Above


The Market is a new (just opened last week!) gourmet showroom that houses and impressive array of artisan shops, restaurants and boutiques.

The market is designed to feel like a conventional farmer’s market.  And…the best part is everything is LOCAL.  All locally made food and home goods. No Starbucks here.  Just wonderful creations made by artists and companies that live in the area.  It’s quite an impressive contrast compared to typical mall food court concepts.



We tasted lots of amazing locally made food (especially coffee, chocolate and cheese! )….BUT the wanna be interior designer in me couldn’t help but focus in on the decor and furniture.

Like these stools made from artificial grass.  It is funky but fun!


The Market 3rd Street Promenade Artificial Grass Stools in a row

This would be a great concept for a children’s room!  There are so many creative things that could be done with this. It would be easy to keep clean and durable!  Do you have a worn out chair?  Maybe an old Papasan chair from college sitting in your garage? Cover the cushion with grass!

And check out these counters made from stacked wood.  This would be great as a desk utilizing reclaimed wood.  The different colors of wood and the varying lengths really capture attention.

They also had some coffee bag shopping totes!  Oh how I still love love love coffee bags….

What did you think of The Market?

Peeping in My Neighbor’s New House

27 May

Peeping in My Neighbor’s New House

Well…they used to be my neighbors…  Now they have a new home.

I’ve been gawking at the beautiful pictures.

I’ll start with one of my favorite rooms.

Take a close look at this black wall.  See the TV!??!   Isn’t it interesting how the wall camouflages it?

This sun room is perfection surrounded with glass and folding track doors.

Jealous of this rustic table and dark ceiling…

The acrylic see through chairs help make the room have a more open feel.  The white paint with a hint of gray is a good fit.



Don’t you love all the windows?

I have a special fondness for corner windows.

The tile is gorgeous.  I have always wished for shaker doors…maybe one day!

Look at the length of this cabinet hardware.  Want!

Do you like?

What is your favorite part?

Sprucing up the kitchen and spices… with ORANGE

5 May

Sprucing up the kitchen and spices… with ORANGE

I recently shared a stool that was transformed into an orange little beauty.

The reason behind the stool and for designing my kitchen in orange is all due to this great discovery at iKea…..

an orange spice holder.

Since we don’t have a lot of cabinet space in our kitchen, I hustled over to iKea with the mission of finding some sort of organizer to help hold cooking spices.  I was originally looking for something to hang inside a cabinet door or hidden out of sight but this thing was so pretty I just had to hang it for all to see.

We receive so many compliments and questions about this when people see it in our house.  It adds so much color and life to the room!  It’s the prettiest shade of orange.  I love it so much it’s why I decided to decorate the kitchen with orange as the main design color.

It’s also very useful.

The board is metal and the seasoning holders have magnetic backs. All my seasonings and spices are easy to grasp and pull off when I am cooking at the counter.  Also once these little containers are opened, it is so easy to grab a pinch of whatever I need.

By the way, if you are thinking of getting one of these, this is actually 3 sets of metal board.  The great thing is that you can make a seasoning wall board as small or large as you want by how many sheets you buy. They are easy to install, just screw on the wall.  There are screw covers that hide the screws.

There are other accessories that work with these boards.  I also chose these magnets which are great for holding lists, recipes

..and 221vision cards :)

I only have a little orange going on in my kitchen right now but it’s a start. I hope to incorporate more orange as well as make more significant transformations.

One thing I am considering is adding a chalkboard wall.  Not just any chalkboard – an orange one!  A dark pretty orange like this seasoning holder.  I have the perfect wall for it.

Chalkboard walls are so popular right now and it would be such a useful thing for jotting down lists or leaving notes for my husband.

What do you think?  Would an orange chalkboard be too much orange in this room?

My New Bed Cover – Anthropologie Anya Quilt

19 Apr

My New Bed Cover – Anthropologie Anya Quilt

Now that our new bed is in place, it’s time to decorate the entire room.  It’s been a slow process and I haven’t quite known where to start.  We just made some headway however and picked out a new bedcover.  (Don’t worry – the acrylic art at the top of the bed is eventually going to GO!) :)

Anthropologie’s Anya Quilt.

Pieces of patches of folkloric voile on overlap into a mazurka of color and pattern.

Voile and Mazurka? Ha – no I didn’t write that, it is the description on Anthropologie’s website.

I was kind of shocked my husband agreed with this bedcover since it’s not too masculine.  But suprisingly, my husband actually picked this out!

It’s a big colorful change from our old bed cover.  I liked our old cover but it was very thick and heavy.  Now that summer is coming, something lighter was needed.

The new cover is thin, cool and light.  However not all is well.  I have somewhat of a kink in this good story.  The new Anthropologie cover is so thin, it tore!


I thought about exchanging the cover but we had already used it a few times and probably would encounter the same tearing issue again with a replacement.

So it was either return it and get a different type of blanket or keep it.   We decided to keep it!

I am going to stitch up the tear.  The cover is such a fun eclectic statement, that we think the stitching will just add to it’s character.

By the way, check out the new side tables!  They are tables I restored with coffee bags and will tell you all about them soon!

Traveling In Style – Campaign Furniture

8 Mar

Traveling In Style – Campaign Furniture

My husband complains about the amount of luggage I pack when traveling.  He hates lugging around all my bags.   Somehow he is able to easily fit all his necessities into one little carry on… and doesn’t understand why I need to check several bags (of what he refers to as “junk“).

Boy, he has no idea how lucky he has it because people in the old days used to really travel in style….with furniture!

Just when I think I have seen it all, I stumble upon a new delight like Campaign Furniture. I have no idea where this furniture has been hiding all my life but I can’t wait to get my hands on some.

Campaign furniture has clean lines with a simple military”ish” flat design…yet it’s still got flair and pizazz with it’s brassy hardware.  What is distinguishing about campaign furniture is that it designed with a flat exterior to be very durable and resistant against damage usually caused in traveling. It also includes corner hardware designed to protect the corners and pull handles for ease in carrying.

For those history buffs, according to Wikepedia, Campaign furniture is a type of furniture that was made for travel. Much of it was made for military campaigns and includes folding chairs and chests that could be easily unscrewed and packed.

Campaign furniture, designed to be folded up, packed, and carried on the march, has been used by traveling armies since the time of Julius Caesar, and even earlier. With the rise and expansion of the British Empire in the eighteenth and early 19th centuries, as British gentlemen came to dominate the army, government and commerce in colonies throughout the world, the finest British furniture makers produced for this new class of traveler some of the most stylish pieces of portable furniture ever made.

British officers of high social position in the Georgian and Victorian periods (1714–1901) took it for granted that when they set out on a military campaign in Africa or India they could enjoy the same standard of living as they did at home. While “under canvas,” as life in camp was called, an officer and a gentleman assured himself a high degree of comfort by using specially designed pieces of campaign, or knock-down, furniture.

Here is another example of campaign furniture.

Here are some campaign furniture pieces that have received a modern face lifts.

Beautiful in white:

(Sorry, I don’t remember where I found this picture! If you know who needs credit, please let me know) :)

Kelly green console by Vanessa De Vargas featured in Lonny:

Little Green Notebook’s beautiful dresser restoration. (She even show’s a how to of how she did it here)

The Power of Pink in House Beautiful

8 Feb

The Power of Pink in House Beautiful

My partner in crime, Carrie, brilliantly recommend that I subscribe to House Beautiful.  Today I received my first edition and boy what a surprise it was.

Their spring color edition is devoted to PINK.

So fitting since I’ve developed a recent mad obsession with pink.  So much so I’m actually renovating our guest bedroom into a pink workspace wonderland.

The House Beautiful cover states “The Power of Pink! It’s warm, flattering, sexy (and men love it!).

I completely agree to all but maybe the men loving it part. I doubt very seriously my husband will venture far into my pink office.  I actually picture him grimacing as he passes it in the hall.  But I love it and that’s all that counts.

Here is my favorite room featured in House Beautiful.  Notice the yellow chevron chair in the mix.  Genius.

You need to check out the magazine yourself if you love pink.  It’s devoted to pink paint recommendations, color mixing ideas and pink home accessories.  If you don’t have a subscription, it’s possible to see some of it online here.

They also feature 10 rooms they couldn’t stop thinking about.  And they are beautiful.  But you can’t see those online, only in the printed magazine. So go run and get a magazine!

Also, here’s a link to a gallery of pink paint colors they recommend.

What a great start to a new relationship.  I love you House Beautiful!

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