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Industrial Love! Printing Press Lamps

12 Oct

Industrial Love! Printing Press Lamps

Here is another great find.

The same vendor that created the wine jug lamps made these beauties…

Lamps made from printing presses.

These printing presses were originally used to make fabric and wall paper.

I love just about anything made with industrial items!

Pictures taken at the Rose Bowl Flea Market – Pasadena, CA

Wine Jug lamps

11 Oct

Wine Jug lamps

This vendor had an ingenious idea for wine jugs.  He made them into lamps.

It is not just what he used but the way he did it that was creative.  He simply glued a light kit at the top.  Easy!

Typically items are made into lamps by drilling a shaft from the bottom to the top to hide the electrical cord.  But doing this to the glass would have been difficult if not impossible.  And the effort would have been wasted because glass is see through so the cord would have still been visible.

So why not just run the cord behind it?  Looks great and isn’t distracting at all.

This vendor bought the contents of a French winery.

The bottles are mouth blown and the color is tinted due to the impurities in the glass.  Beautiful!

The labels on the bottles were damaged so they recreated them by scanning a copy of the old label and reprinting it.

I don’t think many of us will ever have the luxury of buying a French winery but we can still create the same look.  Find a huge glass jug, make a vintage looking label and pop a lamp kit and shade on top!

Picture taken at the Rose Bowl Flea Market

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