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Monday Inspiration

2 Apr

Angie’s Inspiration:

I’ve been running and trying to work out more. I really want to get in shape and feel good.  Whenever I eat well and work out routinely I have so much energy and feel positive and happy.  Knowing this, I don’t know how I somehow get out of my healthy routines… but I do.

I’m trying to stick with a healthy work out and eating program and these two pictures really put some motivational force behind my attempts.

The first is this recent picture of Madonna.  Are you kidding me?!?

Look at her!  Just LOOK at her. She is 54 years old!

That’s 14 years older than me and she looks a whole hell of a lot better than me right now.  There’s probably lots of make up and photography airbrushing tricks going on here  but still even if that weren’t the case, it’s obvious Madonna is taking care of herself and never falls off a healthy program.  Her body is in stellar shape and she looks healthy, sexy and strong.

The second is the motivational phase I saw a friend post on Facebook.  It’s so true!  Keeping this in mind when I feel too lazy to go work out.



Angie and I are both on the same page these days.  I’ve really haven’t talked much about my running plan to many people, only out of fear of failing.  Angie was kind of shocked the other day to find out I was up to 5 miles 3 times a week.  :)

My neighbor knew I had been a runner prior to my son being born in 2008.  I love it when people say ‘you used to be a runner Carrie!’  Makes me laugh and cringe at the same time.  She texted me about running with her in the mornings before our husbands left for work.

I was totally game.  One:  because I won’t run in the mornings by myself.  Two:  accountability

So, in the email, my other neighbor suggested the Couch to 5k plan.  Perfect!  There’s an app for our phones, sounds great!  Then I found the Ease to 10k plan.  10k, 6 miles, 12 weeks.  Definitely a goal.  So I suggested the 10k plan, 3 times a week.  And we started the next day.

We are on week 9 and it has been the best program for me mentally and physically.

However, I am really not seeing a change in my body the way I did in the past.  And that’s frustrating.

My other dear friend and I like to crack jokes about eating a bowl of ranch dip with chips and bowls of cereal…for no reason.  But in all honesty, somedays that is true.  When those kiddos get home from school, we are making snacks for them and it is so easy to start stuffing our faces with crap.

Example A:

Can Eating Certain Foods Help You to Lose Weight


She is a runner and we both agree, our current plan is not working.

Now we’ve started logging our food intake with myfitnesspal.com  It’s an app and a desktop application.  You can even scan the barcode on the food you are eating and it gives you the exact calories per serving.  It is definitely making me more aware of what I am eating throughout the day.

But I’m not gonna lie…it sucks tracking food.  It sucks seeing my calorie limit for the day and reaching it by 11am.  It sucks not seeing results after running for 9 weeks.

I told myself over the weekend…

It took 3 years to put this weight on.  It will take longer than 9 weeks to get it off.

An exercise routine you can do at the office

And a little bit of humor for those who have seen The Hunger Games.

7 Tips for Fitness Women

And because we all think we look a certain way while working out.  In reality, I probably look like this:

this is why i dont jog!!!


I’ll be laughing about this all week!!

And, Angie and I are meeting in Round Top this morning!  So excited to see her and shop!  And I probably will have a margarita and taco.  We’ll be doing alot of walking…

Happy Monday!



Monday Inspiration :: Aviator Chairs

26 Mar

I made the terrible mistake of getting on Restoration Hardware’s email marketing list.  Now several times a week, I agonize gawking over gorgeous things I can’t afford.

These Restoration Hardware Aviator Chairs are the latest and absolute worst torture device.

And it gets worse.  There’s more…

A entire collection of polished aluminum furniture.

These polished aluminum wrapped beauties are the most innovating and spectacular things I’ve seen in a LONG time.

Probably ever.

I would do anything for this desk.  It looks like it comes from another planet or time.

Oh why do I torture myself so!?!  I must unsubscribe from Restoration Hardware’s email distributions!

Curse you Restoration Hardware!!

Does anyone know how to recreate something similar?  I am itching to have these but the price tag is far out of my reach.  Very Far.  Pluto far.


Monday Inspiration

12 Mar

Happy Spring Break!  At least for some of us!

Carrie’s inspiration:

Trying my hand at this.  Simple idea, fingers crossed it works.

Some of these ideas might work as well for a simple herb garden.

herb garden

cute herb garden

herb garden..


Garden herb baskets

And nothing says healthy and homegrown like a Cadbury Egg inspired dessert.

Those eggs get me every time.  Example A.

Now don’t everyone run to the grocery store at once.  ;)



Monday Inspiration

5 Mar

Angie’s inspiration…

Industrial items repurposed into beautiful home decor.  I am still searching for lighting ideas for our new coffee shop and happened to come across these by Urban Chandy.

I love the variation in light bulb sizes and lengths in this chandelier.

And the uniformity in this one is also nice.

Then…through the magic of the internet, I stumbled upon these gorgeous home decor items made from bike parts.

The company that makes items with bike parts is called Resource Revival and they have lots of great stuff here.




Carrie’s inspiration:

Animal print

Little pops of animal print can totally change a room!!


Happy Monday!


Monday Inspiration

27 Feb

Green is not just for St. Patty’s Day!!

Carrie’s inspiration:

Green. Bright, vibrant green.

Source: ohsheglows.com via Carrie@2friends2cities on Pinterest

Angie’s inspiration:


Specifically industrial items repurposed into lights.

I have a large bucket of old indoor sprinkler heads that are plain iron but could be made into beautiful pendant lights.

And even more gorgeous if painted a bold bright color like these cage pendant lights made by CB2…

In fact, the sprinkler heads I have would look just like these if they were painted red.  Good thing I bought an entire bucket of sprinkler heads for $15 because these cost $149 each!

We need pendant lights for our new coffee shop bar and these might be the perfect idea.

I would love to hang them in a cluster like this…

Or maybe in a line like this…

Or maybe just hung randomly in various places.  What do you think?





Monday Inspiration

20 Feb

I really don’t have any design inspirations going on this week. I have alot of other things going on and a good laugh is always the best medicine!

Carrie’s inspiration:


Angie’s Inspiration:

I am in the same boat as Carrie.  Right now my design inspiration bank is empty.  I’ve had other things on my mind and am still trying to recover from last week which was full of disappointment.

Last week we had major issues trying to obtain city permits to start the construction renovations for our new coffee shop.  Our coffee shop is still just a hope and dream and thanks to difficulties with the city, it feels like it may never happen.

I’ll tell you more about that this week but for now, I could use some positive thinking (and humor!)

Monday Inspiration

6 Feb

Carrie’s Inspiration:

Round Tables (and one gorgeous space!)

I found a $30 pedestal table the other day and am working on a few ideas to clean up my breakfast area. I truly find round tables in the kitchen cozy and inviting.  I currently have a 4 leg table but it just doesn’t flow right.  I love my chairs and bench with a round table…but the 4 legs get in the way.














Source: camillaathome.blogspot.com via Carrie@2friends2cities on Pinterest

And I LOVE this church pew in this rustic kitchen.

Source: hausandhome.blogspot.com via Dana on Pinterest

Angie’s Inspiration:

This antique display case that used to be housed in a old hardware store.  I found it in a factory for sale and I just knew I had to have it for our new coffee shop. Excuse these low-quality pictures…they were taken on my iPhone in a dark warehouse.

Only part of the cabinet is visible because there is another furniture item blocking the view but it’s long and gorgeous. It’s a beautiful shade of green and has lots and lots of compartments that slide out!

I just don’t know exactly how or if  it will fit in?  Maybe as a display for coffee bags and other items under the bar counter?  Or perhaps it could be attached on the wall?

What do you think?

Any creative ideas on how we can use this masterpiece in our new coffee shop?



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