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DIY : 3rd times a charm??

20 Mar

This armoire.

This armoire is driving me nuts.

Originally white and distressed (I can’t find the before picture to save my life).

I decided I wanted some gold metallic in my life.

So I painted it Martha Stewart’s Vintage Gold.

martha stewart vintage gold metallic paint

I turned out okay.  Nothing great.  Didn’t set off any fireworks.

Definitely not one of my favorite pieces.

So yesterday, I decided it needed to be yellow.  And beat up and rubbed up with some stain.  And given some new crystal knobs.

Here’s a glimpse.  One coat of paint.  I’m a lazy painter…leave it in the room is my motto.

I’m digging it.

But my husbands gonna kill me.

I’ll share the final product next week.



Annie Sloan’s Rocks

11 Oct

Thanks to one of my BFF’s…I received a can of this for my birthday:

annie sloans chalk paint paris grey

And both of our husbands laughed at the thought of giving a can of paint for a birthday gift.

Boys.  They just don’t understand the value of good paint.

And Angie and I laughed at how times have changed in the gift-giving department….long gone are the days of a bottle of wine and fancy jewelry.

We want paint.  Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint to be specific.

I love how Angie knew that paint would be the perfect gift.

And she has a birthday around the corner…hmmmm, I wonder what she’s getting from me??  :)

I’ve never used chalk paint before so I decided to start small.

This Pottery Barn mirror on my mantel was once knotty pine…then I painted it black several years ago.

It’s a beautiful mirror…gorgeous, heavy, huge.

But the black mirror on the black mantel is too much…and I’ve wanted to do something else but haven’t put much thought into it.

And in steps the chalk paint.

paris grey annie sloans chalk paint pottery barn mirror

Totally awesome to paint with.  Easy to use.

Dries super fast with no brush strokes.

And distresses like a dream.


I loved the way the paint looked after distressing.

But it was a little to pale for the living room.  My wall color is pretty light in there and I have very dark wood floors so I really wanted a contrast on the mirror.

So…loving the Paris Grey…and needing a punch of something…I dry brushed just a touch of Mermaids Net over the Paris Grey.

And distressed a bit more.

I am absolutely in love with the combination of the Paris Grey, Mermaids Net, and the original black peeking through.


Added our sweet little gold and orange pumpkin…


I love it.  Love, love, love it.

Did I say I love it??

Kudos to  Annie Sloan’s and to my BFF Angie for the can of paint.

I already know the next piece getting a coat of Paris Grey!  Do you have anything you’ve painted…and repainted?  We’d love to see!!



DIY Whiteboard Paint

19 Aug

DIY Whiteboard Paint

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you have great plans for the weekend.  I’m going to have an amazing weekend! I know that in advance because I finally completed unpacking and will be relaxing this weekend.  I will be doing a big fat nothing and I love it – can’t wait!

So far our move to San Antonio from Los Angeles has been a huge success and we very happy here.  It’s fun trying out new restaurants and checking out all the sights to see. With all the exploring and unpacking, I have had zero time to do any DIY projects.  But there’s one project my husband would love for me to start – he wants to paint his office into a huge whiteboard.  There’s lots of hype about chalkboard paint but what a lot of people may not know is that it’s also possible to make your own whiteboard… with whiteboard paint.  My husband discovered whiteboard paint earlier this year and has been wanting me to design and help him create one for his office.  In his line of work, he is constantly giving presentations with co-workers and clients and having entire walls covered in whiteboards would help him out tremendously.

The company that makes whiteboard paint is IdeaPaint.  I am not a big white board fan but I have to admit, the stuff is pretty cool.

And it comes in colors!

When my husband first approached me about the whiteboard project, I didn’t understand why he didn’t just put up a bunch of whiteboards.  The reason is that painting an entire wall looks better  and it’s possible to paint all the way to the corners between walls and have several walls painted together.

Another benefit is that many dry-erase surfaces contain formaldehyde, which slowly releases gas and diminishes indoor air quality for the life of the product. IdeaPaint is formaldehyde-free, conforms to all U.S. EPA regulations and does not produce any harmful gas once it’s dry.

IdeaPaint is flexible and easy to install. It can be applied to anything you can paint – drywall, plaster, chalkboard, whiteboard, tables, bikes, garden gnomes, small ceramic cats. Just prep and prime the surface before you start. IdeaPaint will be as smooth as the surface you paint.  My husband actually wants to not only paint a wall but also paint the top of his desk so he can take notes and diagram while on conference calls.

Here’s more interesting things that can be created with whiteboard paint.

What do you think of whiteboard paint?  Would you use it?





All pictures curtesy IdeaPaint.

Style Watch:: Painted and Stenciled Floors

5 Jul

Style Watch:: Painted and Stenciled Floors

The thing I love most about DIY projects are that most of the time, things can be done very cheap.  That is a good considering my decor tastes are always changing.

Case in point: our hardwood floors.  Recently I have been aching to paint my floors white.  Something like these floors shown on Bradford Ave:

However, I can’t justify painting them white since we just paid gobs of money to contractors (when we bought our house a year and a half ago) to have the carpet removed and the wood floors underneath refinished and stained a dark espresso color.

Here are they are now, which is quite pretty.

I do still love the dark floors in our house (and it is so much better than the carpet that was there before) but I really wish I could play around and paint at least one room white.  BUT, there is no way that I am going to paint the floor after we paid contractors so much money to make them brown.  Oh how I wish I had gone the DIY route the first time around and refinished the floors myself so that I wouldn’t feel so guilty about changing them!

Have you ever done something like that?  Bought something and then never changed it or got rid of it because you felt guilty about what you spent?

I do like our dark floors but sometimes I just want to have some fun with change.  And the urge hit me again when I saw these stenciled and painted floors today on pinterest!


Ashley floor stencil picture curtesy of  Design Sponge


Cheery yellow stenciled floor by Paisley Wallpaper


Green stencil by Sunny’s Paint


Blue stencil by Sunny’s Paint

Blue and white chevron floors by Mary McDonald

Green square stencil by Sunny’s Paint

Striped rainbow floors at Kate Spade.  This is actually vinyl tape, not paint which is a good temporary fix!  Maybe I’ll do something like this in the future and not permanently change the wood.

What do you think of these painted floors?  Would you ever paint your floors white or any of these bold colors?

Before & After :: Shutters

17 Feb

Before & After :: Shutters

Remember these shutters?  I made a little something out of them a while back and I think it might be one of my most favorite ‘re-do’ project thus far.

These shutters were on every window in our home when we bought it about 3 years ago.  We replaced them with 3 inch plantation shutters which we absolutely love.  Definitely worth the investment.

My husband wanted to trash the old shutters.

I screamed NEVER!

He huffed and puffed and said ‘what are you going to do with these??’

My response to him…I don’t know but you are not throwing them away.

And he didn’t but he wasn’t happy about it because HIS garage does look like a dump.  A total wreck because I do have a habit of buying things…and leaving them in HIS garage.

I don’t rush into projects.  I buy things…or save things…and think.

And think.

And think until I get a fabulous idea…then get to work.

Then the finished piece gets moved out of HIS garage and he is happy.  And I am happy.

And we do the happy dance.

So the stack of shutters did sit in HIS garage for a quite sometime I will admit.  He tried moving them to the attic but you know that saying ‘outta sight, outta mind’…I was afraid I would forget about them so I begged and maybe cried a bit to keep in HIS garage.

And he did.  And I was happy again.

Then one day walking to my children’s room, I decided I would paint the shutters and put on them on the wall leading to their rooms…hang pictures on them…and be happy.

I went through sample cans of paint in HIS garage…decided on Mermaids Net…a perfect mix of green and blue and grey (or is it gray?)…

Painted then distressed with a knife by scraping the corners and edges.

The shutters went from this:

And this:

To this:

I found these handles at Hobby Lobby (the greatest place on earth!)

And I love them.  And yes the top frame is still empty…I will put a picture in there one day.

I still have a stack of shutters that I cannot get rid of.

Antique markets sell them for lots of $$$.  Round Top Texas always has rows of shutters for sale.

But I have a garage full of them.  Holla!

Sweet P might have a set of pink shutters for her walls in the very near future…I will keep you updated on that project.

Are you like me…do you hang on to things for.ev.er?!?  So glad we can relate!

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Spray vs. Can

4 Feb

Spray vs. Can

I love spray paint – especially primer and gloss!

But it has some imperfections.  Here’s my two cents on the differences between spray vs. can paints.


The good…

1) Easy and convenient.

2) Flawless application.  Nice thin layers are a piece of cake.

3) Great for detailed projects with ornate design.  Or weaved items like rattan.

4) Applies faster than painting with a brush.

5) Dries faster.

6) Usually oil based, which is more durable than latex or water based paints.

7) Easy clean up.  No brushes to wash.

The Bad…

1) Stinky. Fumes can linger in air and choke you.  Always wear a face mask.

2) Dear ozone, so sorry…you are going to die a little today.  Hello global warming.

3) Expensive.  Costs more per square foot than can paint.

4) Must be performed outdoors.

5) A good portion of the product is wasted.  Even if sprayed directly on item, large clouds blow away in the air.

6) Your forefinger might develop a cramp if you don’t use a hand sprayer attachment.

7) Very toxic.  Again, wear a mask! :)


The Good…

1) Lots of colors and options.  An unlimited world of color!

2) Can apply indoors.

3) Even though oil spray paint is durable, primer painted with a brush is more durable and recommend for areas that receive a lot of traffic like table tops or handles.

The Bad…

1) Thicker application.  More difficult to use for ornate and detailed items.

2) Takes longer to apply by brush.

Even though spray paint appears to have more good qualities, sometimes quantity isn’t better than quality.  Quite a bit can be said for can paint and it’s durability and color choices.

Maybe one day, they’ll invent the perfect paint!

Decisions, Decisions…

9 Nov

Decisions, Decisions…

Much to my husband’s dismay, I want to repaint my kitchen.  I’ve threatened to repaint my kitchen for about 6 months…and have painted squares around the room various shades of color…but for some reason, I am stuck.

So the squares of paint stay on the walls for months at a time…

And friends come over and don’t say a word about my poor kitchen walls because they know how I am.

Then my parents make their yearly visit to Texas and I rush to paint over the sample shades so I don’t scare them back to New York.

And here I am again…right before the holidays, dying to repaint my kitchen.

I do love the color.  It is Labrador by Valspar.  You can see a glimpse of the color here.

It is a perfect shade of chocolate…not a drop of red to be found.

I love it.  But I am over it.  So over it.

I want a calming…peaceful…lovey dovey…gray for my kitchen.

I want the gray to be inviting and soothing.

I want the color to be light and airy and mix perfectly with the rest of my home.

Thank goodness for sample cans of paint.  At $2.97, I buy what ever colors I want, guilt free.

And my son gets to play with the Dancing Santa Snoopy at Home Depot…over and over and over…again and again.

And then he bites Snoopy’s nose off…literally.

I am speechless.

And Sweet P gives me the ‘that kid is crazy‘ look.

And I buy the Dancing Santa Snoopy with no nose.

And 4 sample paint colors…because I am crazy:

Let’s start from the top, shall we?

1.  Wood Smoke by Glidden (this paint chip was sitting on the counter.  I showed it to my lovely 8 year old assistant and we both decided we needed a sample)

2.  Knitting Needle by Sherwin Williams – might be a little to blue for me

3.  Senora Gray by Benjamin Moore

4.  Wood Smoke again

5.  Half Moon Crest by Benjamin Moore

Here are the colors in different light:

You can see the chocolate paint and a bit of a red paint peeking out from underneath the chocolate.  The previous owners of our home had a red kitchen…and I mean RED. ORANGE RED.

Not blue-red but orange red.  The kind of red that makes you want to slap yourself for painting a kitchen orange-red and eating a box of Little Debbie’s at the same time.

That red paint lasted less than 2 hours in the house after we signed our lives away to the mortgage.

So here I am…with decisions, decisions.

glidden wood smoke benjamin moore senora gray

And I need a little help from my friends…if you were me, which color would you choose?

Lady in Red

19 Sep

Lady in Red

I was anxious to start painting my baby – my new vanity. I wanted to do something big and bold.   I bought a sample tester of a bright blue paint from Glidden – GLB03 Cool Cobalt.  I love Glidden samples…they only cost a few bucks and have a little paint brush attached to the lid.  Another really great thing is that you don’t have to have the Glidden samples mixed at the paint store.  They are already prepared and stocked on the shelves. Grab and go.  Convenient!

I liked the blue but… since I had a other samples left over from prior projects, I decided to try them out to see if another color was a better fit.

Some of my samples were Behr.  Behr samples are good because you get quite a bit of paint in the container.  7.5 ounces.  The Glidden samples only have 2 ounces.  Behr samples do not have a paint brush but they are the same price as Glidden – approximately $2.99 depending where you buy them.  Not a bad deal for the quantity of paint you receive. Sometimes if a project is small, I can just buy 1-2 Behr samples to complete it (as opposed to buying an entire quart or gallon).  The bad thing about the Behr samples are they have to be created at the paint store.  Sometimes lines are long and waiting for paint to get mixed can take forever.

I decided on Glidden GLR06 – Red Geranium.  I was never anticipating painting the vanity a red color but I love how the sample paint looks. It’s a beautiful shade of red with a very slight orange hue.

A different shade of gray…or blue?

11 Sep

I have always been very decisive in my life.  I instinctively know what I want and swoop in to get it.

My design projects are another story.  I will ponder a color for weeks before I actually commit.

My pool house wishes it was that lucky.  I thought gray would be the perfect color.  The three test samples I painted have scarred the house for at least three months…maybe four. I couldn’t decide which shade I wanted and started to doubt gray was even the right choice.

Then today I had the big epiphany that gray was no longer the “perfect” color and somehow the color blue was it.

So after waiting in the Home Depot paint line for an hour and a half, I now have the whole Behr Midtone and Deep collection — otherwise known as a hot mess painted on our pool house.

Now which color do I choose?

Behr: Yacht Harbor, Cayman Bay and Catalina Coast (Blue colors from top to bottom)

Pics taken with Cannon EOS 5D, Cannon Lens EF 85mm, Auto

Paint Me Pretty

8 Sep

Paint Me Pretty

Goodwill became a friend…a close confidant.  Sometimes my car takes over and drives me where it wants to go.  My car…my beloved Big Greenie drove for weeks looking for the perfect bedside piece for my bedroom.  I stalked my favorite resale shop…nothing.  I stalked Craigslist….nothing.  I even stalked my own neighbors on trash day hoping someone decided to throw away a vintage dresser….still nothing.

But that day, I ended up at Goodwill.  I walked to the furniture…and found my bedside piece.  It was chunky…it had great details…and it was begging to be painted.

I ran to the front of the store…said something like ‘How much for that dresser in the back?  Can you go it?  I need to check out NOW because my baby needs milk!’

Next thing I knew, Big Greenie was outside and my new dresser was in the backseat.

Here are the details of one of my most favorite ‘finds’:

$60 at Goodwill

$6 at Lowes for 2 pints of paint (colored matched BM paint)

80 grit sand paper sheets and a knife for distressing

Paint Color:  Benjamin Moore Galapagos Turquoise find it HERE

I won’t lie…it did sit in my garage for over a month…but that’s how I roll.  I have to think about how I want a piece to look…and when it all comes together in my head, it’s magic.


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