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You know this to be true…

20 Oct


Happy Thursday!!

I am running around like crazy…dentist appts (first cavity for the girl, boo!), school stuff, and much more.

Why aren’t there 48 hours in day?

But I saw this on Pinterest, of course, and had to share.

Do it girls…whatever you want…do it.

And laugh all the way to the top.

Love you friends!

Pinterest Challenge : Nap Mat

18 Aug

Raise your hands if you love Pinterest! You know I do…almost 400 pins and still pinning away.

Pinterest is fabulous for inspiration and ideas…but let’s be honest…how many of us ‘pinners’ have actually made anything we’ve found on Pinterest?

Angie had a great idea now that she is back in the Lone Star State and only a quick 3 hour drive apart. We plan to have DIY weekends together, working on projects and creating new projects from ideas we’ve found in blog land.

And we hope to have a blogger meet up so we can meet and hang out with our blog friends who love that same things we love. More on that soon…

Then we heard Layla joined in the Pinterest party along with these fun bloggers. Angie and I knew we weren’t the only ones not following through on Pinterest ideas.

But it was only a matter of time…I found this awesome nap mat several months ago and knew I would make this for Bubbie once he started back to preschool this fall.

Do you love? I love. And it was incredibly simple, easy and CHEAP!!


I found several nap mats online but didn’t want the $50+ price tag.

Here’s the breakdown:

$2.50 pillows from Target – I bought 4 but only used 3
$5.50 2-pk pillow cases from Walmart
Recycled plaid Ralph Lauren pillow cases from my linen closet
Recycled red cording to use a tie

Total cost: $11.00

Total project time: 10 minutes (minus washing the pillow cases before sewing)

Pardon the pictures…I took them with my phone. My camera was dead as a doorknob…

Decide how long you want your mat…I used 3 pillows for my 3 year old:

Pin the pillow cases together and sew a straight seam…

This is what you get:

Insert pillows:

And the finished mat looks like this:

Big sister likes it:

And he loves it!

Seriously comfy and will be so easy to wash every week…slip out the pillows, wash the cases, and the nap mat will be fresh and clean every week.

Happy napping, friends!



Style Watch:: Painted and Stenciled Floors

5 Jul

Style Watch:: Painted and Stenciled Floors

The thing I love most about DIY projects are that most of the time, things can be done very cheap.  That is a good considering my decor tastes are always changing.

Case in point: our hardwood floors.  Recently I have been aching to paint my floors white.  Something like these floors shown on Bradford Ave:

However, I can’t justify painting them white since we just paid gobs of money to contractors (when we bought our house a year and a half ago) to have the carpet removed and the wood floors underneath refinished and stained a dark espresso color.

Here are they are now, which is quite pretty.

I do still love the dark floors in our house (and it is so much better than the carpet that was there before) but I really wish I could play around and paint at least one room white.  BUT, there is no way that I am going to paint the floor after we paid contractors so much money to make them brown.  Oh how I wish I had gone the DIY route the first time around and refinished the floors myself so that I wouldn’t feel so guilty about changing them!

Have you ever done something like that?  Bought something and then never changed it or got rid of it because you felt guilty about what you spent?

I do like our dark floors but sometimes I just want to have some fun with change.  And the urge hit me again when I saw these stenciled and painted floors today on pinterest!


Ashley floor stencil picture curtesy of  Design Sponge


Cheery yellow stenciled floor by Paisley Wallpaper


Green stencil by Sunny’s Paint


Blue stencil by Sunny’s Paint

Blue and white chevron floors by Mary McDonald

Green square stencil by Sunny’s Paint

Striped rainbow floors at Kate Spade.  This is actually vinyl tape, not paint which is a good temporary fix!  Maybe I’ll do something like this in the future and not permanently change the wood.

What do you think of these painted floors?  Would you ever paint your floors white or any of these bold colors?

Pins of the Week!

23 Jun

Pins of the Week!

Man, I love Pinterest.  It is absolutely amazing how incredibly talented the world is.

Seriously talented artists, photographers, designers…pure creation for our minds to absorb.

Here are a few of my favorite pins this week:

The Ghost Chair…and artwork…


Nutella…enough said.

Source: creampuffsinvenice.ca via Carrie@221vision on Pinterest


I want this for my daughter’s room…


I have the perfect tree for this…


I love this picture…because I am missing my Bella, an English Springer

(she’s away at ‘college’ aka training)


And Javier…because I can.

Are you are Pinterest?

You can follow Angie at angie@221vision & Carrie at carrie@221vision!

We’d love to see what inspires you each day!


23 May


Pinterest is everywhere right now.  And once again, I thought to myself ‘whats the big deal?’  Angie and I found several sites who have ‘pinned’ our projects and we thought it was pretty fun seeing them somewhere other than our blog.

Well, I took the plunge…asked for an invite…and about a week later, received my invitation to join Pinterest.

And it’s fabulous!

It’s fabulous because it catalogs all different images, ideas, people, places…anything my heart desires.


I love that Pinterest is quick visual stimulation…just what I need to keep my juices following…and waste time I really don’t need to waste, but oh well.

On a different note…Angie and I both use Evernote…which is another fabulous place to bookmark web pages, images, and everything in between.

Personally, I love Evernote because it saves the entire page I am looking at…and is a fast reference if I am looking for a recipe, paint color, or searching for a specific receipt I’ve scanned in.

Pinterest is an entirely different beast…one that I am learning and loving at the same.

Our sweet friends Jenna, Jenn, and Allison have started following us on Pinterest…so if you pin too, follow me at Carrie@221vision and I’ll follow you!

Happy pinning!

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