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Sights in the City – Anthropology at the Americana

13 Mar

Sights in the City – Anthropology at the Americana

More about the Americana!

And one of my new favorite places on earth – Anthropology.

Here are some of the beauties and inspiration I found there.

I’ll start off with my favorite!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this dresser.  TYPOGRAPHY – Hello!!!  This would be so easy to make and would make a dramatic statement in a room!

A chair made with a vintage station sign.  I’ve seen ottomans similar to this at Juxtaposition.  I posted pictures of them before and you can see them again here.

Sometimes the simplest things can make such a difference.  This was a candle that would have been fine just displayed alone on a table.  But Anthropology added a twist…they put it in a jar and surrounded it with rocks.  It adds a different effect and is also less hazardous.

Here’s another simple idea.  Have some house plants that are potted in ugly cheap plastic containers?  You know the plastic ones they come in when you buy them — and then you are too lazy like me to replant them?  Well…just put them in a burlap bag.  Genius!  And looks great!

Lastly, some colorful ottomans and pillows.  Pretty pretty!

Sights in the City – Vera Bradley at the Americana

11 Mar

Sights in the City – Vera Bradley at the Americana

Stopped in the Vera Bradley store at the wonderful Americana at Brand in Glendale. I really enjoy going to the Americana at Brand.  It’s so similar to The Grove but quaint and not so many people.

There was lots of pretty stuff at Vera Bradley.

I really loved this animal print chair done in blue.

Another one of my fave’s was this red glossy mirror.  Isn’t the blue plaid wall interesting! I don’t think I’d want it in my house but makes a great display and contrasts well against the red mirror.

Tons of fabric purses and bags.

More bags and a tufted chair.

Fabric bag made to hold a laptop computer.

And a very girly hand painted dresser.

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