20 Best Urban Farmhouse Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas

20 best urban farmhouse master bedroom makeover ideas 10

Urban farmhouse master bedroom makeover ideas are easy to come up with when you have a spacious room. These rooms are usually small and the same old furniture and decor will not work well in such a small room. Instead, try to make the most of the space by using fabrics from the 1950s and coordinating them with the rest of the room. One great thing about vintage furniture is that they look like new again after a few years. This is why it is easy to find so many vintage pieces on eBay for great prices. It does not hurt to go along to an antique store and have a look around as well, just in case the items you are buying are antique and not new.

You do not have to replace the entire room with modern furniture either. Make sure the bed is still comfortable but it is no longer an eyesore or not just the right size. If your child is very active then consider adding a wooden board table in front of the window and some other pieces of modern furniture to the room as well. Add some candles around the room. Take a look at some vintage pictures of farmhouses and try to incorporate those into the overall design of the room. You can also use a large mirror in the room if it is large enough. In these instances, you can start to get the look of a farmhouse.

There are many more urban farmhouse master bedroom makeover ideas out there. Try to think outside the box and add some elements from different eras to make the room unique and fresh. The end result should be a beautiful room that anyone would be proud to show off.