Happy Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. Time to reflect on last year and the years before and ponder how it could have gone better. What resolutions need to be made? Lose some weight, get up earlier, keep the house clean, make more money…. My resolution this year is simply to just be happy. I want […]

A “Just Because” Apron

My family gives each other birthday gifts and thoughtful “just because” gifts but we don’t exchange Christmas gifts anymore. It’s not a religious belief or anything of that nature. We just decided a few years ago that exchanging Christmas gifts for so many family members was too expensive and stressful on everyone. You see, I […]

What’s On Our Minds??

Carrie’s inspiration this week: Doors I want to makeover my very tiny laundry room. I spend way too much time in there as it is and I’d really like to have a fun, little room. It’s a constant source of traffic, from shoes to backpacks, washing to folding, and kenneling up sweet Bella. I have […]

Friday’s Happy Things

Happy Friday everyone! I am so ready for this weekend. It’s been a long crazy week! Carrie and I have been working on adding new content and recurring themes to TwoFriendsTwoCities and are eager to share our new blogging schedule with you: Every Monday, we’ll post interior design ideas that inspire us Tuesdays will feature […]