Happy Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. Time to reflect on last year and the years before and ponder how it could have gone better. What resolutions need to be made? Lose some weight, get up earlier, keep the house clean, make more money….

My resolution this year is simply to just be happy. I want to enjoy life by embracing and appreciating what I have now.

Aren’t we all a little too hard on ourselves? We beat ourselves up over little things we feel like we are not accomplishing everyday. No one is perfect. I realized this when I found some old pictures recently and thought wow… I was so pretty and skinny back then! Funny thing is that “back then”, I was always thinking my make up wasn’t done well or that I could lose a few pounds. And I never in a million years would have called myself pretty before – ever. I was always just too critical of myself. Geez, I would love to look like that now. I just didn’t grasp what I had when I was younger.

This year, I am throwing all the resolutions to the wind. I’ll still try to be the best me I can be. I’ll hit the gym more, be a good wife to my husband and spend more time with my family…but I’ll also relax on the challenges I commit to. Setting specific and unrealistic expectations is just a recipe for failure. And failure only makes us feel bad about ourselves.

One thing that ensures happiness is a positive attitude. I read The Secret a year and a half ago and although some theories in the book are a little cheesy, the overall concept stuck with me changed my life. Now I always think of every day and each situation with “the glass is half full” instead of “the glass is half empty” mentality.

2011 was a beautiful year where so many good things happened to my family and I. I have no doubt that 100% of this was due to our positive outlook. We tackled every obstacle, even losing one of our jobs and having to move across the country as a “great opportunity”. And we weren’t just deceiving ourselves – thinking of these situations as benefits actually opened our horizons to new opportunities. Those incidences ended up being some of the best things ever to happen to us. And…we are healthy, happy and have all we ever really want and need in life!

In the years to come, no one will probably look back on 2012 as a bad year. We will all probably only remember the good things that happened so might as well appreciate them now.

Those are my resolutions for this year…and probably every year forward.

Be happy. Be positive. Let go of all the rest and rejoice with what I have now.