What’s On Our Minds??

Carrie’s inspiration this week:


I want to makeover my very tiny laundry room. I spend way too much time in there as it is and I’d really like to have a fun, little room. It’s a constant source of traffic, from shoes to backpacks, washing to folding, and kenneling up sweet Bella.

I have a couple ideas and my first thought is to switch out the door. I’d like something interesting with maybe glass on the top half of the door. Or something distressed and rustic to offset my matte black pantry door on the other side of the kitchen.

I could totally distress the current door to save money but I’m not a fan of the panels. I want something with a little more character, a little fancier.

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What do you think? Spice up of the laundry room door??

Do you want to see what my laundry room looks like right now? Be afraid, be very afraid….

Angie’s inspiration this week:

Memory Jars

I discovered these memory jars on Pinterest this week and my mind has been racing with ideas on how to replicate these for our home. What an innovative modern take on the old concept of shadow boxes. So many options to play with including different shapes, sizes and colors of glass.

(Courtesy of Pinterest)

I adore the idea of using jars instead of deep picture frames to capture memories. The jar symbolizes a little world where you can picture yourself back in time and get a rush of pleasure remembering how happy you felt and the good times experienced there.

Using jars to capture vacation memories touches my heart. If you have followed our blog, you know I used to live in Mexico and part of me always wishes we were still there. You also might remember my husband and I cashed in our life savings last year and bought a vacation home in Ixtapa-Zihautanejo, Mexico. I am thinking of making a memory jar as a reminder of our times in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo filling it with sand, driftwood, seashells and pictures. These wouldn’t be just objects… looking at them will take us back in time with where we’ll visualize our long morning walks on the beach, the hours we spent hunting for seashells and the excitement we felt the time we discovered baby sea turtles.

(Courtesy of Pinterest)

If you’ve lived in different places, making jars for each city or house would be another idea. I could make a jar for the years we lived in Los Angeles, Texas (Austin and San Antonio) and Mexico City. I think it is something that would bring happiness to not only myself but my husband as well. And it would be a compelling conversation piece for guests that come over.

Here are more ideas for memory jars:

Making one for each year or a period in time.

(Courtesy of Pinterest)

Jaden, with Steamy Kitchen, jots down memories as they happen throughout the year on colorful post-its in her memory jar. This is a quick and much easier than keeping a journal!

And Brooke, with Inchmark, probably has the sweetest memory jar. Brooke writes down funny or sweet things her children say. Children always say the funniest things and as hilarious as the statement was…it’s easy to forget a day or year later. Now Brooke’s children’s phrases are captured forever in her memory jar.